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December 28, 2010

Tooth cheek was swollen

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See: Encyclopedia of treasure hunt. Teeth megalodona

Tooth cheek was swollen

Teeth – bone formation, providing mechanical handling of food. An adult
man, about 8 incisors, 4 canines, 8 small and 12 large indigenous indigenous
teeth. The tooth is enshrined in the jaw and is composed of a dental crown, neck and roots. Within
tooth is the connective tissue permeated by blood vessels and nerves
(pulp). Distinguish between milk and permanent teeth.

Louis armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald – Cheek to Cheek

peace and love … guys!

Doahuou wrote: < <>> Oscar Peterson on piano,? in case nobody has mentioned.


wrote: very? nice!


wrote: very nice!?


wrote: nice? wut can i say


wrote: "seem to vanish like a gambler's lucky streak"

LOL i love this!? such a great comparison! : D


wrote: this is what its? all about baby


wrote: Beautiful.

Nuff? said


wrote: Wow esa combinacion entre Armstrong and Fitzgerald esta? hermosa!


wrote: thank you for uploading? this great song

I love the picture, where could I find it?


wrote: @ LeoOonaA

It's called: "? Le baiser de l'hotel de ville "By Robert Doisneau. 🙂 Google it LeoOonaA

wrote: @ lilyvanillys

thank? you:) valvetrom

wrote: @ LeoOonaA

Printscreen, do you know how, write to me if? not. LeoOonaA

wrote: @ valvetrom

hermann-sounds german (; I know how … but I don't know why did? You ask me: D … kalchgrubernorma

wrote: Unforgettable.?


wrote: Mejor imposible …!!!?

damblale <<> > wrote:

u can really feel Heaven, … so close ….. u just hav 'to see it. Love and? Peace! bebetonguga

wrote: <> > Now? that's lovers' music!!!!

lastros88 wrote:

i love this song … but it makes me always sad to realise that we dont have such music nowadays neither feelings so rich? and deep as to appreciate, create this music and understand the content …

danzajohanna wrote:

I really like it,? thanks for post it!

bonaveris wrote:

that? sa? real love classic, l like it very much:)))

KrautKrazy wrote:

Music from Heaven !!!!! ?

Cogermax91 wrote:

ohhhhhhhhh? very good video!! song is terrific!

Thesupernova711 wrote:

They don't sing simple love? songs like this anymore.

Catfishje wrote:

Takes me back to my childhood,

my father was a great fan? and so became i! Captainwesker09


The most gentle people from the most gentle age of music. It's too bad there gone. But they must still? be happy singing their songs somewhere out there! Its up to us to remember their defining selves by their music, so never let their music die and keep listening to good music.

TeachESL wrote:

Thank you. ?

Caitymurphy wrote:

this? is beautiful:)

loydkoh826 wrote:

Wonderful? version of this outstandingly beautiful song …. great combination of talent … simply amazing! Thanks for posting.

TXRider wrote:

Wow. Just wow. I love the duo? of Louis and Ella and this is just wonderful. Makes you feel warm all over.

UnknowAngel13 wrote:

I am more of a rock girl, but my love for music began when my parents made me listen to a Ella & Louis CD

I was still a kid, but how? could such wonderful sounds not reach my heart? Lots of love and admiration for them, each time i listen to one of their songs i have a big smile on my face …



very good. this is real music. not the washed down fluff that passes for jazz? these days. norah jones n diana krall need to listen to how the masters do it.

Lbm1iam wrote:

@ kokede

Try Melody Gardot. I fell in love with her because when I listen to her I think she really feels it. She reminds me of the greats. (Listen to her "Love me like a river does," "Worrisome Heart," "Your heart is as black as night", and "Our love is easy," and I think you'll see what I mean.) And when I hear her? I want to smack Michael buble. 🙂 Kokede

wrote: @ lbm1iam

thanks!? will check out her songs. it'll be great to see some current vocalists carrying on the torch. DynoRod

wrote: I grew up listening to him, Ella, Billie, Luther, Jill Scott etc. but when got to highschool in 2005, I got into? Rap … but every now and then, i come back and listen to my Jazz and R & B

GiselleMeraud wrote:

Thank heaven that technology existed to capturewhat was surely a golden age of popular music with artists like Ella and Louis recording at their? peak.

Goodboybuddy1 wrote:

I want to listen? to this all day. Thank you!

Debelaa wrote:

This? is the most powerful song I ever heard. 🙂 <3, Louis & Ella ❤

4u2b1ib12 wrote:

Fellow Tubelers,

Have you ever heard a song, sung by your favorite singer, that someone else had sung? I had never heard? this rendition of "Cheek to Cheek," sung by Louis Armstrong, and Ella Fitzgerald. Yet, it seemed you know how the song will progress?

I am positive: I had not heard it!


An excellent arrangement. The balance of artists is key, in this song.

Louis starts, Ella continues, Louis plays his trumpet, they blended to duet, and Ella finishes.

It be it!



Thank God for NPR (National Public Radio). These are the types of songs they play on? Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Iceken01 wrote:

i may like slipknot and metal and stuff. But still music like this makes me so happy. I love Lady Ella, Old blue eyes, louis Armstrong and the entire Ratpack. Why you? ask? Because i'm in love with the old WW2 era …. The good old days …

Golden247 wrote:

@ iceken01

how old are you? btw iceken01

wrote: @ golden247

27? why? Douglas44431

wrote: bangan louis era el rey? del jazz

aKiwiGrl wrote:

This? is wonderful. They really knew what music was about back then.

225gabi wrote:

Very nice song. Great? version.

Carherpar wrote:

Thanks to share this beautiful song! ^ ^ Can you tell me how can? I get this picture? Or how can I search it? Thanks!

LeBabaau wrote:

@ Carherpar

Google it under de name? of 'Kiss by the Hotel de Ville' by Robert Doisneau. Great picture! Suzanolar

wrote: Gosto muito dessa musica. Sinto como no paraiso, lembro? de filme A Espera de Um Milagre. Como espero p / minha vidinha pacata.

PHXJersey wrote:

lets? Not bring sexy back! lets bring classy back!

Annisawesome1 wrote:

@ PHXJersey

I so agree, this? is sooo classic, we need to bring this back, not the crap they called music. Crysta2k2

wrote: @ PHXJersey

A-friggin '-Men. ? You're my hero, well said! Musicmaniak98

wrote: i love? it

iamjoao17pedro wrote:

lois amstrong? my idol

ramystar2010 wrote:

ohh my godness! how good this could be? amazing song. i love loui's voice and the loveable Ella. what can i say! just WOW. this is real music, with no technology and stuff liek that. i? like.

This could be 4 – ever. *** Heaven, i'm in heaven **: 3 LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peace Ramy



Today, June 12, is Valentin'es Day in Brazil …? Is only counttry that celebrates of this special date on world. And this wonderful duet is so perfect to the Valentine's Day, and a good glass of wine and a dinner with candelight. 🙂

Paxandrews wrote:

so? beautiful, oh my god. xx

coshicosh wrote:

I love tis song! |

Do you know how the picture is called?!? Krumeck


@ coshicosh

This picture is called: "Le Baiser" (The Kiss) by Robert Doisneau a french photograph It's a picture of the ? fifties

Greetings from France



@ Krumeck

thanks! I bought it and now it? is hanging in my bedroom:) PEPEPENJA1



Mrfathead12 wrote:

It was Actually Marajuana? armstrong used a lot more then anything else.

Lbrowning10032 wrote:

Its Just? Good

maureen1938 wrote:

A pleasure to listen? to this lovely video. Thanks for posting.

Edelvaisconde wrote:

Faz uma semana dancei esta musica com meu marido. Somos casados ha? cerca de dezoito anos e posso dizer uma coisa: sao musicas como essa que tem a capacidade de fazer um casal voltar e reviver emocoes da paixao. Talvez nao se viva constantemente em estado de paixao, mas fazemos arte e resgatamos eventualmente aquele sentimento maravilhoso!! Foi gostoso demais. Que musica maravilhosa!!!

Jrcarter9175 wrote:

My oldest brother just got married. This song played for their first? dance.

Rigoutor wrote:

Dimanche gris, j'ecoute ce vieil? air que j'aime bien

czaghost wrote:

heroin and alcohol is what made alot of this music, just so you know, thats why they can feel it so … i dont care though, I LOVE WHEN THESE 2 COLLABORATE ESPECIALLY … it also has to do with the fact that this music was made in simpler times, like the 30's during the great depression, this is all these people had, so might? as well make the most out of the talents you are givin and not sell out to them

paxandrews wrote:

@ czaghost

heroin has nothing to do with it! it's called talent. a component missing in? a lot of acts today ….. Annabanana9971

wrote: I want to be in love ..? Pressing Cheek to Cheek .. And Dancing Cheek to Cheek ..

Albugeorgia wrote:

Absolutely adorable!?

Miliwanili86 wrote:

beautiful ^ ^?

JesienneLiscie wrote:

oh, I? love this song … 🙂

Mariangelasantoni wrote:

Quando la musica e? un dono di Dio!!

Thomasdurock wrote:

Though I am a rocker, I like this song a lot. Eduardo? from Brasil.

19karl16 wrote:

what is that picture of the couple kissing in the? first picture

galovaldez wrote:

it `sa beutiful picture of Robert Doisneau? .

PoolShark8227 wrote:

@ NoSignOfPain

What a ridiculous opinion. There is no? comparison to Louis and Ella as a duo or on their own. Not saying he was a bad singer but Astaire couldn't sing with emotion if his life depended on it. NoSignOfPain


i love this version, but in my opinion they still have nothing on Fred? Astaire. ❤

kasiaurbaniak wrote:

Damn! His voice is? irreplacable!

LelaQ wrote:

Always.? Both voices …

Wiadroman wrote:

For some reason, despite it is a different style, this duo reminds me Vangelis? & Papas.

Patymel1970 wrote:

bello bello que hermoso duo de Ella & Louis, ni siquiera existia en esa epoca pero me encanta el tema y ellos como? cantantes

nikketta8 wrote:

Louis un pezzo di storia della? musica dell'umanita!

Cha5 wrote:

Sweet music?

Liberego wrote:

Louis Amstrong is? the King

tremar87 wrote:

Quanto? sono meravigliosi!

Crixtian01 wrote:

precioso? en todo los sentidos

Lessaen wrote:

this music gives me a warm feeling? around my heart! Wonderful!

WhiteMothsOnTheWing wrote:

reminds me of the English Patient with Ralph Fiennes 🙂 This is? a wonderful song, makes me wanna dance and sing out loud 🙂

1605jazz wrote:

mindstorm …

I totally agree with you, it's completely true. but there were always some kind of problems.let 's say louis's time-you couldn't always live good as aa musician-> take billie holiday as an wxample. her manager dumped her in case police arrest's him for drugs (because? she used them) so they wouldn't keep an eye on louis who was always suronded with marihuana smoke.and yes, because she was a women. Thank good there are some of us who appreciates good music.



True! The good ol 'days weren't always so good! In Louie's time,? he could probably have still gotten attacked in some states just for BEING black. I meant the music and the films back then seem to glow with enthusiasm and hope. There was a celebration of life in these songs that we don't hear in modern music. I hope that changes. Peace.

Aquilasette wrote:

I migliori al mondo e nella storia?

DonCheechio wrote:

mindstormsabrewin? ~

Phrased terrifically. Dittos. Mindstormsabrewin


Thank you. This music makes you realize just how far we've fallen as a culture! This style of music, filled with kindness and love, seems out of fashion. Being suave and elegant is looked down on. Today's acts seem intent on outscreaming the next guy. Who has the most? sinister scowl. Who is more "street" or "gangsta". How sad to see a once great civilization descend into a cultural toxic waste pit. Music is the breath of a society. Lately, our's could use a good mint! By the way, GREAT name!

W00tTheCrap wrote:

Great comment,? I totally aggree with u. .. Makes me sad tho

ixchel777 wrote:

You? are not listen everything, there are good proposals nowadays, for instance, Norah Jones, Fiona Apple, Diana Krall, etc, etc. Not everything is rap, reggeton or britney … fortunately:)

mindstormsabrewin wrote:

@ ixchel777 ….. I'm not too familiar with the musicians you've mentioned but I will check them out. Thank you for that. I always appreciate when someone clues me in to something good that I haven't given enough attention. I didn't really mean to denigrate? all modern music. I guess I was just "in an mood" when I wrote that! I'm know there are very talented and passionate artists doing their thing today. It just seems the childish goofballs get the most attention. Peace.

Samhaymanmusic wrote:

@ mindstormsabrewin

~ You're totally right! Unfortunately it's "the childish goofballs" who are the bigger sellers aiming their market at teenagers. After all, the majority of the big players in the music industry care only about money, not promoting talent and letting the audience (the rest of the world) enjoy good music. Since you're open to new things, click on my name & go to my channel; see if you like my compositions. Any thoughts would be appreciated? 🙂 Lifesmyjourney

wrote: Sigh! I love all Louis Armstrong music. Does any one know? the song that goes "Kiss me once, kiss me twice, kiss me again" – something like that …? I 've been trying to find it for a while on Youtube. Not sure what the song title is …

Brewpopper wrote:

@ lifesmyjourney

The Song is "It's Been a Long, Long Time" from the Hello Dolly? ! This is Louis Armstrong albun 1964. I grew up listening to Louis and still love his music. Y0u can't beat 40's and 50's swing / jazz. Brewpopper

wrote: @ lifesmyjourney

The song is "It's been a Long, Long Time from the 1964 Hello Dolly! This is Louis Armstrong? album. Siriussupporter

wrote: Are they wonderful? Or are they wonderful? It seems like they are the best ever. Listen to? the beat of the dancing cheek to cheek. I bet they are in heaven both of them.

Mindstormsabrewin wrote:

You? can actually HEAR his smile!

Crazyjhonj wrote:

I? Love Louis Armstrong

234yourstruly wrote:

i was born years past? the good music what a shame

LSVN64 wrote:

photo from Henri Cartien? bresson – Paris

tarabiru wrote:

is the photo, taken from a film? what? kind is it?

Olivet2014 wrote:

LOVE IT! but then again i? love louis and ella! i am going to be a music major and i'll be lucky to be half the musician ella was!

Rumpledilskin wrote:

Singers today do not understand subtlety. Every note is over bent and drowned in vibrato. Everything is overdone, not? just in music. Hit one note right. Really hit it. Few can do this.

XXXXincognitoXXXX wrote:

Ahhh! I LOVE this song!? Music like this doesn't exist anymore. It's sad.

Hianndryv wrote:

@ XXXXincognitoXXXX

It does exist, here it is. Just that the majority of the people doesn't know it. It's our quest to show them, and we'll achieve something! 🙂 Pook1711

wrote: ? Thank youuuuuu. :)?

RebeccaStreng wrote:

this? is real love

N4n4L1l1 wrote:

This? song is awsome!!!

I luv it! Wes19100


This is the epitome of? class.

JuffL wrote:

Uh. That voice is so? goosebumping: D (I'm sorry, my english isn't very well … O :-))

Sweetnessb4u wrote:

i'm in heavennn, when we're out together dancing cheek to cheek .. best classic? ever.

Melacab wrote:

simply excellent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

15Musicqueen wrote:

LOVE IT!!! why isn't? music this good anymore? no body FEELS their music anymore … it's really sad. dd I simply love this songdd

ralphsteadey wrote:

@ 15Musicqueen

This music will always be good its just that the DJ's of today do not know good music ….. they play trash that dies? in a couple months 15Musicqueen

wrote: @ ralphsteadey

That's what? I'm saying. Some music doesn't have any meaning behind it Goosy321

wrote: @ 15Musicqueen

music is always felt, perhaps it is the listener who doesnt feel the music of now.? it evolves and we have to be open to feel that music. 🙂 Love music always and it will love you. 15Musicqueen

wrote: @ Goosy321

That's true.? Everyone's taste is different poiutrew

wrote: @ 15Musicqueen

Rock & Roll, and all? its freaky children stole the show. 15Musicqueen

wrote: @ poiutrew

yeah. i just wish people still had a love for? it dreadedkryz

wrote: beautiful …. thanks?

TheRenato990 wrote:

super? standard !…. good! very good!

Hadronne wrote:

pure? enjoyment and a perfect sound!

Spacepajamas09 wrote:


Doscincocerouno wrote:

esta cancion? no deja de marvillarme

Spaiz78 wrote:

Ella &? Luis: semplicemente magia!!!

Ugluspegill wrote:

Isn't Oscar on the? piano?

Cueprocrastination wrote:


Jwkcanada wrote:

I am so moved by this! AMAZING! I'm doing this one too at my next show. Toronto 2010 – this fall. Michele C. will sing? it with me.!

Ohmannomore wrote:

OH MY GOSH … one of? my favorite songs

with one of my favorite pictures PERFECT Combo !!!!!!!!!!!!!



these two are amazing? together:)

HayleysHappy wrote:

I love this song so much.

It's just beautiful all of it.? Nannacordeiro


could this? be any more perfect?

Wishtobe88 wrote:

Impossible !!!!!!!!!!?

Dontlayeggs wrote:

I don't usually like old school jazz but? Armstrong was really the best.

Lilyvanillys wrote:


one of my favorite songs with one? of my favorite pictures

by Robert Doisneau




fantatstico!!? I'm in heaven

kordek76 wrote:

zajebiaszczy walek?

Penningskruid wrote:

what a heartfull? of love!


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