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December 28, 2010

How wisdom teeth in humans

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You and God. Keys of wisdom.

Description <>:collection of aphorisms on the subject you and God.

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Excellent, good video. "Jesus always responded to people? who know what they want! THANK YOU! How much does wisdom teeth in humans

Question: My first month of pregnancy and crumbly teeth, is it possible to do anesthesia and X-ray treatment for a tooth? Or should we wait?

Answer: In principle, there is anesthesia that does not go gematoplatsentarny barrier is protective aprons for X-rays, plus on computer X-ray installations doses are negligible, but still, if I was pregnant, then waited would will be held until the first trimester of pregnancy (the most important, during this period are laying all of the baby) Wait, if not the most severe degree of periodontitis.

07/12/2010 Permanent address the issue: <>> Question: Hello, I removed the top four, I'm at 19 weeks' gestation, and therefore can not take pills. Fasting how retired general anesthesia, the whole day was tormented by a terrible ache. The next day the pain subsided, but the gums sore, a little swollen, the adjacent teeth do not bite can not – it hurts. So it should be? And how long can stand the pain?

A: Unfortunately, it is necessary to be patient. Edema may persist up to 4-5 days. Soreness disappears after about 5-6 days.

07/06/2010 Permanent address the issue: <>> Q: I'm pregnant and I have a wisdom tooth crumbles, who also grows sideways. Can I remove it?

A: To remove most likely need an x-ray and a good anesthesia. Despite the fact that currently there is anesthesia that does not go gematoplatsentarny barrier, and radiographs computer, the radiation doses are negligible and there is a special protective aprons, I recommend to do the teeth in the second trimester (from 12-13 weeks). A week or two will have to wait.

07/01/2010 Permanent address the issue: <>> Q: Good day! My pregnancy – 25 weeks. In this case, 2 teeth must be removed: because they were severely damaged, but did not have time to pregnancy. Today, removed one, is already beginning to withdraw local anesthesia and I'm afraid that there will be pain. Can you please tell whether you can use any or pain with my pregnancy? Needed and whether rinsing the mouth such as drugs or Hlorogeksidin hlorofillipta? After some time you can go to delete vrotogo tooth? In advance, thank you!

A: Good evening, Alla. List of drugs approved for use in your

pregnancy better check with a doctor watching you. Rinsing is not

recommended. Since the rinse may wash out the wells formed

blood clot. As soon feel fine after the

delete – plan the second. The sooner – the better.

Good luck!

Sincerely, chief doctor of dental surgery Klinika32, St. Petersburg.

06/30/2010 Permanent address the issue: <>> Question: Hello. Tell me, please. I have already put the implant, now it's time to put a crown on it, but I have a pregnancy of 8 weeks. And still need to create a panoramic picture, for further treatment. How do I do now? Postpone treatment? Or still go on?

A: Answers dentist, Konstantinova, Vera E.:


I advise you to postpone the fixing of crowns to the postpartum period. Since during pregnancy may be changes in the bone, and? Prizhivanie? Crowns may be accompanied by complications. Of images during pregnancy and should be abandoned. In any case, consult your gynecologist and a dentist and be healthy!

30/04/2010 Permanent address the issue: <>> Question: Hello! I have 17 years of periodontitis.

Ceychas 13 weeks of pregnancy, inflamed gums. Go to the clinic on the occupational ultrasound. I was diagnosed with gingivitis, said occupational health is better not to hold it hurts inflamed gums will be a lot of blood, etc. Advised a thorough home hygiene and rinsing (chamomile). Designated treatment: application of medicines, supra films, open curettage of several teeth, antiseptic treatment of pathological periodontal pockets, sclerotherapy. Can you please tell whether prescribed treatment. Is not cheap for me, I wanted to be sure that money is not the wind.

A: Answers dentist, Konstantinova, Vera E.:

Dear Anastasia!

Hormonal changes during pregnancy leads to a deterioration of blood circulation in the gums. They become loose, soft, painful, swollen and bleed, even for small injuries (during tooth brushing). If you do not regularly clean teeth significantly increased the accumulation of plaque, which is the main cause of gum disease. Bacteria can easily penetrate under the gum, the gum is inflamed, and the process progresses, and increasing levels of hormones and strengthens the already strong reaction to the gum harmful microbes of the mouth. These symptoms in the literature are called gingivitis of pregnant women. A few months after birth, he usually disappears. Ultrasonic cleaning and conservative measures (applications, rinses) are needed, and as curettage and multiple sclerosis


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