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December 27, 2010

Inflammation of the tooth

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Methods for dental restoration – implantation

Elena Pilipenko
Dentist, Dental Clinic Director
Inflammation of the tooth

Can I say that dentistry in Zelenograd began with the firm Nikora?
Yes, perhaps you can!

And this is no less entertaining than the data about the ancient people who are already nine thousand years ago knew how to drill and fill teeth. Modern Zelenograd dentists would be surprised to learn that instead of drills primitive man used the only wood harvesting with a silicon tip. But what is not & nbsrpoydesh for a beautiful smile and healthy teeth!

Healthy Teeth & nbѕp – a joyful life!

The level of dentistry in Zelenograd network of clinics Nikora worthy of comparison with the global. Our

and orthopedists,

– the upscale experienced team and are constantly improving the professional level, a stay up to date with all the latest news and developments in their fields.

We invite you to take preventive examination or treatment in any of the four dental clinics Nikora in Zelenograd. Among our services:

Our friendly specialists serve both adults and children. Teeth Zelenograd residents under close supervision of dentists clinics Nikora!

Who among us does not dream of dazzling, snow-white Hollywood smile? Teeth Whitening in Zelenograd? And why not! With our modern equipment, with the latest technology and materials are harmless and safe aesthetic procedure.

In the operations of prosthetic teeth Zelenograd does not lag behind most of Moscow. Experienced

manufacture the crowns and dentures, taking into account individual medical conditions and your own abilities and preferences. Surgery is painless and minimized.

We are doing everything to ensure that each of our visitors feel comfortable!

In Zelenograd many dental clinics, but you deserve the best!


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