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November 28, 2010

Teeth in installments

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Teeth in installments
Teeth in installments

How to whiten your teeth? Teeth whitening at home

Teeth Whitening at home – a common cause. There are many ways to whiten, as the people's ways, as well as special dental pastes, gels, whitening strips, etc.

for use in the home does not count. One of the most popular of them – it's baking soda. Bleaching soda, you can either prepare a solution and rinse their mouth, or simply sprinkle a thin layer of baking soda on your toothbrush and brush your teeth. Next, at least popular way – is to rub the teeth with activated charcoal. Despite the fact that it looks not very aesthetic, the result is excellent. Teeth become whiter after the first cleaning. It is recommended to use charcoal tablets. Ego should crumble, to make dust out of a few pills, and cause the teeth with a toothbrush. Useful for whitening are our favorite berry strawberry or strawberry, the fruit contains a substance whitening teeth. Strawberries should be cut in half and rub the cut in the teeth. True after such a procedure is recommended to brush your teeth thoroughly with fluoride toothpaste. Strawberries contain sugar, which can cause tooth decay.

After each of these procedures, you must brush your teeth restorative paste, since such effects are not better reflected in the tooth enamel. Dentists are advised to whiten your teeth, even at home no more frequently than once a week, so as not to cause hypersensitivity, increased tooth sensitivity.

Some people prefer to use special dental paste for home bleaching. Paste applied to the teeth, usually at night, they contain chemicals that corrode the darkened upper layer of enamel and bare inner lighter. This is not exactly a convenient way

bleaching at home because during the procedure means the complete dryness of the teeth, but in a dream to adhere to this rule is almost impossible. Slobber necessarily fall on the teeth and dilute the paste. So no surprise if in the morning a man who used this method of whitening, finds himself in the mouth spotty, but sometimes bleached teeth.

You can certainly use whitening strips, they are much easier to handle. The truth from them are often not only whiten your teeth, but gums & mdas? not a sight for the faint of heart. Feelings, while also not to pleasant. Almost all the pasta and strips contain alcohol and glycerin – these substances are damaging to the enamel. Therefore, before conducting teeth whitening at home need to carefully weigh the pros and cons. And if you really want to choose the most harmless way, and use them no more than once a week.

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