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November 23, 2010

Rotten teeth picture

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rotting teeth photo

Snow-white teeth – a compulsory part of the element for an attractive smile and have to communicate in appearance. Darkening of the teeth and the appearance of these spots may be triggered by diet or lifestyle – smoking, drinking coffee, tea and wine, taking antibiotics or excessive amounts of fluoride during tooth formation.

Has all the means to achieve the pearly white and & nbѕp; offers teeth whitening – lightening the color of teeth by several shades. B & nbѕp; Clinic Megastom "use

gel with professional clinical zoom whitening systems, as well as many clients opt for laser teeth whitening. To date z?om whitening is the most effective technique and can increase the natural whiteness of your teeth by 8-12 shades.

To be sure, whitening zoom action is very simple and virtually painless. The system includes a gel that allows you to whiten your teeth without damaging tooth enamel. Unlike other whitening materials that are used vysokokislotny and unsafe for the teeth of hydrogen peroxide (pH below 6), bleaching zoom has a positive effect on the enamel. This is due to the action of one of the ingredients – amorphous calcium phosphate. Calcium phosphate deposited on the surface of teeth and fills defects and scratches on the tooth enamel, forming a structural component of tooth enamel. Thus, decreasing the permeability of enamel and as a result – decreased sensitivity of the teeth and reduces the risk of tooth decay.

Tooth Whitening zoom on the time it takes from 45 minutes to 1 hour. The procedure is very simple, it starts with a short preparation to isolate the lips and gums – the doctor leaves open only the teeth. Then applied the gel to the teeth Z?om, which activates a special lamp, and completes the procedure

Vysotsky – Hunting from a helicopter (Writing by A. Zubov, 1978)

Description <>: <> > Layout plateletsLike a razor, slashed the dawn of the eyes,
opened triggers as a magical til

arrow appears on the trace of light, –
and took off with a dragonfly rotten river < <> And the fun has gone – in two arms, two hands!
You lay on his stomach and removed the tusks.
Even that, even one who dived under the flags
sensed mantraps paw pads;

The one catch even a bullet could not b, –
Also in the fear vzoprel and Vicinity – and weak.
To make life smiling wolf – not heard –
In vain we love it, Monogamous.
Here is a death – a beautiful wide grin <>> And a healthy, strong teeth.

Have some fun as wolfish grin enemy –
dogs have not lathered withers!
But – tattooed on the blood of the snow
Our painting: we're no longer wolves!

We crawled like a dog tails tucked,
To the heavens surprised muzzle cocked:
Or from the sky retribution rained on us,
Either end of the world – and the imbalance in the brain, – < <> Just beat us in the growth of iron dragonflies.

Blood soaked we are under leaden rain –
and resigned, deciding to: still does not go away!
Bellies with hot melted snow.
This started the carnage is not God – man:
departing – entry of, running away – in the run …

Breed dogs, you're with a bunch of my not vyazhis
Equally, cooked – for us good luck.
Wolves we – good our wolf life
You have a dog – and the death of your dog!
Have some fun as wolfish grin enemy

To nip in the bud rumors.
But – tattooed on the blood of the snow
Our painting: we're no longer wolves!
To the woods – there is at least a few of you have saved!

To the woods, the wolves – harder to kill on the run!
Blow the same foot, save the puppies!
I am moving around in front of half-drunk shooters
and call together the lost souls of wolves.

Those who are still alive, hiding on the far shore.
What can I have one? Can not do anything!
Refused eyes, dulled sense …
Where are you, wolves, former beasts of the forest,
Where are you, yellow-eyed my family?

I live, but now surround me
animals, not knowing wolf cries, –
It's a dog, a distant relative of ours,
We thought of them before extraction.
I say, smiling wolf grin enemy

…expose the rotten pieces.
But – tattooed on the blood of the snow
Our painting: we're no longer wolves!

Maybe the whole army of the YouTube user who knows something, who are these women?

5-minute treatment of teeth with fluorine. During the procedure, the patient can relax and listen to music & mdash; teeth whitening zoom brings no discomfort and pain.

It should be noted that the zoom teeth whitening gel is completely safe for the mouth, because it is isolated from the active gel using a special material which has an optimal fluidity that eliminates the ingress of gel on the mucosa and , does not it burn. With the right care for your teeth with

persists for a long time – your teeth will always be whiter than before the procedure and the use of special toothpastes, bleaching and means to implement the recommendations of our hygienist will enhance this effect. No less efficiently and laser teeth whitening. This process is virtually painless, after whitening zoom does not become sensitive. Laser tooth whitening after the procedure makes it possible to drink hot tea and eat ice cream. Many of our patients confirm that the whitening procedure zo?m made them smile younger and charming, so if you are looking for teeth whitening in Moscow – come to us in the Megastom.

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