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November 30, 2010

Beneath the sky map of the teeth

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March (Part 6)

Description <>:conquest "Heavenly teeth"
teeth beneath the sky map
teeth beneath the sky map

We are pleased to welcome you on site medical center Aesculapius. "Our center was opened in 2004g.S First

days proved to be a clinic providing medical services by doctors vysokokvalifitsirovanymi using the
latest equipment and most modern metodik.No not only the quality of service it is worth noting in the clinic.
It is important that staff rallied in a friendly team, ready to support his colleague. And it is very important, because the patient
much nicer to come to the wall, food friendship and understanding.
In our center, a large dental office, provides a full range of services in modern stomatologii.Otdelenie

fully equipped with modern equipment necessary to provide quality dental care.
Also at the clinic are welcome experts on homeopathy and iglorefleksoterapevt (SU-JOK). This is a new but already well-behaved
proven trends of modern meditsiny.Dlya confirm the diagnosis you can go through ultrasonography (ultrasound
Vnastoyaschee time, the center has two clinics: the KBC on the street. Seleznev 126 and on the FMR for ul.Atarbekova 22. The clinic at the FMR
are only dental services.

November 29, 2010

Gel to whiten teeth

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Over The Counter Teeth Whitening – The Best Teeth Whitening System I've Found

Click here to learn more about getting your teeth white:

http: / / …

Gel for teeth whitening

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November 28, 2010

Teeth in installments

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Teeth in installments
Teeth in installments

How to whiten your teeth? Teeth whitening at home

Teeth Whitening at home – a common cause. There are many ways to whiten, as the people's ways, as well as special dental pastes, gels, whitening strips, etc.

for use in the home does not count. One of the most popular of them – it's baking soda. Bleaching soda, you can either prepare a solution and rinse their mouth, or simply sprinkle a thin layer of baking soda on your toothbrush and brush your teeth. Next, at least popular way – is to rub the teeth with activated charcoal. Despite the fact that it looks not very aesthetic, the result is excellent. Teeth become whiter after the first cleaning. It is recommended to use charcoal tablets. Ego should crumble, to make dust out of a few pills, and cause the teeth with a toothbrush. Useful for whitening are our favorite berry strawberry or strawberry, the fruit contains a substance whitening teeth. Strawberries should be cut in half and rub the cut in the teeth. True after such a procedure is recommended to brush your teeth thoroughly with fluoride toothpaste. Strawberries contain sugar, which can cause tooth decay.

After each of these procedures, you must brush your teeth restorative paste, since such effects are not better reflected in the tooth enamel. Dentists are advised to whiten your teeth, even at home no more frequently than once a week, so as not to cause hypersensitivity, increased tooth sensitivity.

Some people prefer to use special dental paste for home bleaching. Paste applied to the teeth, usually at night, they contain chemicals that corrode the darkened upper layer of enamel and bare inner lighter. This is not exactly a convenient way

bleaching at home because during the procedure means the complete dryness of the teeth, but in a dream to adhere to this rule is almost impossible. Slobber necessarily fall on the teeth and dilute the paste. So no surprise if in the morning a man who used this method of whitening, finds himself in the mouth spotty, but sometimes bleached teeth.

You can certainly use whitening strips, they are much easier to handle. The truth from them are often not only whiten your teeth, but gums & mdas? not a sight for the faint of heart. Feelings, while also not to pleasant. Almost all the pasta and strips contain alcohol and glycerin – these substances are damaging to the enamel. Therefore, before conducting teeth whitening at home need to carefully weigh the pros and cons. And if you really want to choose the most harmless way, and use them no more than once a week.

Posted on 28.06.2009 on the site



November 27, 2010

Clinic tooth

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One-step implantation of teeth in the clinic Veronica

Description <>:Maybe someday through the introduction of stem cells in place of patients teeth begin to grow healthy and sound of a drill will not be dreaming about us into a nightmare. However, all this from the realm of fantasy. And here is a painless and quick implantation of the teeth has now become a reality!
Clinic tooth
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Not very ambitious but vital epic "Phil" is already on the site. Finals UXLT
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How many teeth in 2 years

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Zadornov – Novii God 2008 (PART 2 / 10)

Description <>:Concert Mikhail Zadornov, shown on Channel One day, the first of January 2008.

wrote: 2:50

golden words:? Theoliver2005

wrote: B? poor construction, Georgia has accused Russia! )))


wrote: he is great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?


wrote: Poll if an Estonian or a Latvian stepped on a rake.? The results showed that the Russians are well taught them to swear.


wrote: Sho? takoe. LOL


wrote: tuya1986, that is, do not eat? In the Ukrainian language, only 10% pure Ukrainian words, 50% – English. Take at least Tymoshenko. Kaalitsiya it? says – it's a terrible mistake, but contracted from another language.


wrote: And the fact that you are Chinese and Indians feel very inferior race, not prevent you spend with them teaching? ) Hehe

Here? to ask Zadornov.


wrote: Rosіyani, berezhіt Zadornov! Todі, mozhlivo, kolis phrase "rosіyani – mirotvortsі" Stop Booty anecdote.?


wrote: postoraemsya)))?


wrote: Simple as that

Germany NEVER declared war on US. Like they didn't have a Eurasia to conquer. US wasn't thair? concern at all – so, Germany wasn't US's concern as well. When they were looking at the war going on, they simply decided that USSR would hold Germany as long as possible – let the Union be exhausted, and at the very end we will join without putting too much effort.


wrote: No propoganda, no bookworming,? simple logic and some facts. FACTS – that's what matters. And plutoniangirl, your speaking manner is highly aggressive.


wrote: The? Great RUSSIA


wrote: A little slower horses … ")) <>" And we are teaching with China? conduct will ..";- P


"Okay zhesh but-zhesh problemzh!



tuya1986 There is … I live in Kiev? and almost every day I hear this



speznos? Omg lol



Not a bit of nonsense, I have my uncle lives in Poltava, so constantly on? I hear it wow andreipetunin


Do you know? anything can happen. Depends on your social circle; ufotrees


davai lucse paslusajem zadornova.? TheLightFortune


Yes EPT hara Evo criticize! He says what he thinks.

If you do not like what he says is not? look! Jam!



Fool …? Russians do not understand the Dima100


Chem on? pridyrok. Skazhi pozhalyista. On govorit tolko pravdy, a vi jebanytie obizhaetes'



All the same !!!!! A monument has not demolished? Rescheduled. RinaKaulitz


on eto potom? i skazal Kubasia1


od Polakow, to ty? sie odpierdol facet!!! Kattrina1987


oi blin ne nravitsya ne smotrite! Pravda glaza? kolit!!! zadornov – super … russkim ludyam ochen 'tyaghelo, mi – nastoyaghie borci!!! ya ghivy v Kanade yghe 2 goda i ponimau naskol'ko nichtoghni ludi v severnoi amerike!!! typie i bespoleznie! Poluchiv obrazovanie obyazatel'no vernus' domoi! Ya very v svou strani!!! WE are the best!!! UcTepuka


Vot i vali, vali. Net chrtob normal'nih lyudei puskali, tak zapuskayut chmo vsyakoe. Znaem mi? takih, nu i poedish ti obratno, pozhivyosh paru mesyacev i obratno, k roditelyam. Tolko yazikom trepat 'i umeesh. CGFHNFR


Normal is such? how do you churbanskaya litter?? UcTepuka


Yavno ne takih kak ti, valenok otmorozhenii. Ti dazhe na svoyom rodnom? yazike, zhivya v Rossie, punktuaciyu postavit pravil'no ne mozhesh. Takchto pered tem kak drugih lyudei s gavnom zhrat ', za soboi posledi. Rozavaya koftachka nah. Sunnysashka


You big bad luck that your circle of contacts in North America are worthless people! B? North America there are many wonderful, smart, interesting people. Just like in Russia is "insignificant" people! ))) Plutoniangirl


Slushaite .. moe okruzhenie .. A. NONE OF YOU BLOODY BUSINESS! b. dont judge people who you do not know c. nikto ob north amerike VOOBSHE ne govoril .. ya govoru o RUSSKIH podrostkah a ne ob American. American kids know their history pretty well chuzhuu oni ne znaut ili znaut no slabo. I got my history degree. i think? i was hanging with the right crowd. Kto hochet uchitsya – uchitsya .. a komu vse do lampochke, oni ne uchatsya. eto ne moi problemi. V USA, USSR & GER bili horoshie generali ucTepuka


A? chtozh to dorogaya v Rashke obrazovanie ne edish poluchat esli tut vse takie tupie i nechtozhnie. Vot ed 'obratno tuda, tam i poluchai. Esli vi takie "the best" kakogo hera skazhi tebya roditeli uvezli syuda? Kattrina1987


hello, it was a year ago … i roditeli menya ne yvezly, ya sama priehala … kyltyrniy shock i depressiya sdelali svoe? delo … boltala vsyakyu chush 'goda 1.5 -2 ….. UcTepuka


chto i trebovalos' dokazat. Been there,? done that … Dianocka20didi


net on ne? rasist =) pinochet222


Chto budet ZADornov pizdet 'esli opjat' upadet cena nefti i snova budete gumanitarnuju pomoshh prosit 'ot zapada, s vashej zhopoj ekonomikoj i vorami chinovnikami … ? Protivno smotret 'kak urovenj? Zadornova s "ehal …



amirika sdohnet bistree, eto uzhe nachalos' esli? ti ne zametil! A Rossiya est 'i budet. Ne poluchilis 'v 90ie razvalit' ne poluchtsay nikogda pinochet222


cosmix2 wrote:


Russian always remain Russian, even though you live, I realized somewhere in the west, but still remained the nezderzhanym.

And about the economy, do not worry, we still stable, but with your problem …. But about humanitarian aid, and so the Russian capital was BOOOLSHE sent to the 90th, what? Your English Dictionary. Do not get excited!



And about the economy, do not worry, we still stable " Shokirujushuju bednost 'pensionerov i bjudzhetnikov, vozvrashhenie totalitarizma i? nacionalizma, cenzury i politicheskih ubijstv, pojavlenie shjaki novyh billionerov aligarhov ty nazyvaesh stabilnostju?

Ty strannyj malyj …



Pensioners? are quietly fed. (time) About totalitorizm-unproven and do not feel like hearing about what I was brainwashed. . .

Censorship is not rigid and there is no sense from it, now can not be isolated, as in Soviet times, the people I now climb on all sorts of sites look and read what I want. . . Rich has always and everywhere, and not for me to justify. . . Nationalism is, but not a disaster, it is everywhere, even in Israel!. . .



Vot eto vsjo ochevidnoe, s chem ty soglasen, POKA ESSHE ne ochenj zhostko dlja tebja? (Dlja nekotoryh uzhe slishkom). No, po moemu, te ljudi vlastj dobrovolno nikogda ne otdadut, ob etom ja i govoril, chto mozhet byt 'so vremenem gorazdo huzhe, i tendencii ochevidny …

Mexika, naprimer, tozhe ochenj bogataja strana, s ogromnymi resursami. 99% narodu tolko malo tolku ot etogo.



above!? Cosmix2


up? ! Mashaji


On ze rodom iz Pribaltiki, poetomu ego osobenno silno zadevaet vsya ta nespravedlisvost, kotoraya tam tvoritsya. Hotya on shutit, no chuvstvuetsya, chto ochen perezivaet. Voobche, kogda edesh za granisu, vidish kak lyudi ne uvazayut tvoyu stranu, ee istoriyu, izmenyayut fakty v istorii – ochen nepriyatno i bolno. I vot seichas v amerike, i zdes? vse uverny chto II world war vyigrali amerikansy, mnogie daze ne znayut chto rossiya tam uchastvovala. Obidno. Majorickus


4estno govorya nugno i russkim sebya tak vesti zagranizei, 4tobi bilo za 4to uvagat sei4as, a ne tolko za pro6loe dergatsa .. kak uvidi6 russkix bogatix ludei zagranizei, kotorie soryat den'gami, ne vidno za 4to ih uvagat krome kak? za eti samie dengi .. Mashaji


Vy tut absolyutno pravy. Hotelos by, chtoby nashi sograzdane chuvstvovali, chto oni vse-taki predstavlyut stranu, i hot kak-to kontrolirovali svoi postupki. O Rossii ved sudyat po lyudeyam. I eto vovse ne prikolno napivatsya i ustraivat pyanye deboshi (eto io muzchinah) i razdevatsya, demonstrirovat svoi prelesti, spat so vsei kto hochet i ne hochet (o zenchinah). Eto stydno. A potom udivlyaemsya pochemu oni schitayut nas alkogolikami i legko dostupnymi zenchinami. Vedete sebya dostoino, lydi!? UcTepuka


Bil u menya dedok znakomii, Amerikanec. U nego do sih por pismo ostalos' ot Russkogo soldata. On do konca voini doshol. Ya? ne hochu vrat 'ya ne pomnyu kakaya eto bila bitva no pod konec, kogda ona bila viigrana i kogda Russkie s Amerikancami zazhali nemcev s dvuh storon, narod radovalsya. Oni obnimalis' celovalis i dlya nih ne vazhno bilo esli to bili russkie ili amerikanci. Vrag to odin bil. Ebliberty


about World – it? Unfortunately, the truth! UcTepuka


Ya shkolu v Shatah zakonchila, I ne figa, oni pro Rossiyu ne zabivayut I uchat? fakti a tochnee dati I nazvaniya bitv, eto istoriya a ne roman gde na odnoi storone zlo a na drugoi dobro.Izmeneni fakti bili tol'ko dlya Russkih tak kak ih pichkali propogandoi.A tochnee, to chto I bez Russkih Evreppe ne zhit bilo bi , no i bez Evroppi Rossie bilob ochrn trudno viigrat 'voinu.Nemcev oni osloblyali so vseh storon.I ne tolko Russkie golovi polozhili, hotya ih I bilo bol'shenstvo. Sunnysashka


I live in America and here nobody knows that World War II America entered only? in 1944. And many believe that the point in this war have put the Americans dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagosaki. I like America and the people here. Just in every country has its own propaganda, and was his "history books". Dankordy


pravil'no. I? live in CA and everyone seems to think that they beat everyone and the world is forever grateful. Nice people anyway RussianFabjan


I'm now in London and many Britons believe that it is they (together with its allies) have won the war, but of the Soviet Union during WW2 is generally referred to in 5 pages and without any details and details. Ask anyone in Britain what the "Battle of a Kursk bulge" (the Battle of Kursk), and few answers, though? the vast majority of experts believe that this was the turning point of the battle against Nazi Germany.



I wonder how many rosiyskih books written about the battles in Africa? in the Pacific during WWII. How much has been written about landlease (supply equipment, food, clothing.) Etc. USA USSR-y. RussianFabjan


In the textbooks do not know, but it is not something unknown. It is clear that supplies were huge and helped very much! But in Africa was a major battle, which involved the brave Italian division. And Rommel possessed seems only a couple of normal German divisions. Also if you compare the losses? Germany in Africa and the eastern front – once all becomes clear. Plutoniangirl


tam bila voina za neft u? germanii net svoei nefti

synthetic oil took too long to produce



Please tell me why Harry S. Truman on August 6 and 9, 1945 made order to use atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki "? ? Plutoniangirl


Simple! Hiroshima was a city of major industrial and military importance. On top of all, if you open a map of hiroshima in 1940s you will see that military bases and? HQ of 5th division, Marshal Hata's army. Hata was also reponsible for defending southern borders of Japan. Then to make things more interesting, Hiroshima was a communication center, and assembly point of the Japanese troops.The US could not approach the city from the sea and from massive air raids.



99% of all buildings in Hiroshima were made of wood, the rest was made out of light concerete The costs of fuel, planes and human were way too high as is. Another reason which has been under high debate and speculation is Hiroshima was one of a very few cities with POW camps.? General Spaatz's report on the infostructure of Hiroshima pretty much gave an ace and a green light to Washington. Plutoniangirl


President Truman announced after Hiroshima bombing that "If they do not? not accept our terms, they may expect a rain of ruin from the air the likes of which has never been seen on this earth. " Moving along to Nagasaki


wrote: < >> Nagasaki is one of the largest sea port cities in Japan. Nagasaki also was an industrial city where ships, military equipts, bombs? and etc were produced and fixed.

Plutoniangirl wrote:

Nagasaki unlike Hiroshima was more residential city. They had no zoning laws so peopel were building one house on top of the other from the same plans as Hiroshima * light wood *

also the fuel consumption was taken into a consideration. Initially if my memory serves me right, the US wanted to drop a bomb on Okinawa but? Ashworth used radar technology if the target obscured. Little known fact that at least two more bombs were on the way to bomb at least two more cities if Japan did not capitulate RussianFabjan


You most admit that using? nuclear weapon against civilians – is an unacceptable act.

Plutoniangirl wrote:

using nuclear weapons is an unacceptable act to begin with? .. even soldiers are civilians actually

RussianFabjan wrote:

Nugno chetko ponimat ', chto v Americe toge est' propaganda, tak ge, kak on a est 'iv Anglii (Ya tut give i znau) iv Izraile est '

Koroche v kagdoy strane svoi predubezhdeniya i politicheskie? "Utki". RussianFabjan


Krome togo, vo vremya vtoroy mirovoy voyni razvedka i Shtatov i Anglii ranshe, chem nashi razobralis' chto k chemu, znala – Germaniya tochno napadet. Obe strani ne hoteli, chto bi russkie pobedili. Im bila vigodna eta voyna, esli bi ne Japonci, napavshie na more na USA,? Shtati tak i ostalis bi souznikami tolko na bumagah o postavkah voorugeniya.

A angliya dumala o svoey bezopasnosti, ved ne napadi na SSSR Germaniya i ugaday na kogo ona nabrosilas bi? 😉 Plutoniangirl


spora zdes net! ..? vi pravi

plutoniangirl wrote:

pomnite devochku Sadako Sasaki? ona umerla v 55 godu ot leukemii v yaponii .. v USA ya dumau? chto malo kto znal chto 1vaya bomba mozhet vitvorit. dazhe kogda piloti sbrosili bombu, odin skazal v sluh "ohh my god, what have we done?!" it is very sad.

Plutoniangirl wrote:

HAHAHHA USA joined WW2? in 1941 when Pearl Harbor was attacked!

Sunnysashka wrote:

And when America began to fight it with the German troops? At that time the USSR was not hot,? or cold from the Japanese. U.S. simply defending their own base.

Plutoniangirl wrote:

WRONG! The US got into a war with Germany in early 1943. Germany declared war against USA in 1941. i believe? the first battle was disasterous. It happened in February if my memory serves me right over Kasserine Pass in Tunisia.

Sunnysashka wrote:

If we have begun to engage in verbalism, let's. Just what you're trying to prove that the U.S. played a decisive role? Or what?

November 8, 1942. Anglo-Amer. Troopers landed in MOROCCO To the end of November come into TUNISIA

July 10, 1943 Mr. landed in Sicily

September 1943 – the peninsula

in early 1944 – made three unsuccessful? attempts to log in Rome

July 4, 1944 – Taking of Rome

only 6 JUNE 1944. – Landing in Normandy (opening a second front, which had to be much earlier)



are you brainwashed by the russian propaganda?

Read history USA was patroling British waters in 1940 when Uk was? attacked. Who helped UK with providing destroyers to their bases, patrolling the high seas? USA .. without the US, UK would have been Nazis'pets

who arranged fundng "lend-lease" facilities in march of 1941, which turned out to be 50 billion dollars total? USA

Who manufactured war material for allies? USA .. cause the german planes could not reach the US



I do not understand why you allow yourself such a tone.

Russian propaganda just touched me. It seems to me that you set in front of a very aggressive against Russia. I can not afford to look at the situation from both sides, you are, unfortunately, prefer to snap. And one more thing I do not understand. You know perfectly well what I write, but continues to lead the discussion in English. You are ashamed of their origin?



ya rodilas v Moskve no ya tam ne zhila 27 + let,,, na russkom ya voobshe ne govoru, doma nikto na russkom voobshe ne govorit. ya prekrasno chitau na russkom .. mne legche govorit na English chem na Russkom .. chego ne ponyat? Ya ne ogrizaus kstati .. ponimanie yazika i razgovarivat na nem tam est razniza.

A mne po hrenu chto i gde kto znaet pro voinu. Sprosite russkogo podrostka nazavi hot one generala CCCP vo vremya WW2? good luck hot esli Zhukova kto? nibud znaet. Sunnysashka


Among my friends all know. Illiterate people in Russia, unfortunately, lacking. I was lucky that? I have such little encountered. But today their numbers are increasing.

Sunnysashka wrote:

Second Front, which he needs the Soviet Union was only open? in 1944. when German troops were already retreating bezpovorotno! The opening of this second front was very necessary, when German troops were advancing.

I apologize for not initially quite specifically and accurately stated its position. Hopefully, now my point of view is clear! Plutoniangirl


North Africa, Italy, France campaigns? USA

everyone in the US wanted to work during ww2. the unemployment was 25% who gave money to USSR to help with the war? USA

If Soviet people did not win battle for Moscow, it would have? been the end of the war.



This is also known to me. I do not downplay the U.S. role in World War II.? I say that most people here, unfortunately, do not know very much about the role of the USSR in the war. But this in no way is not their fault, they just were not taught this. That's it!

I have absolutely no desire to argue with you, because it is absolutely useless and not interesting. Vampgirlie


And he's right! do you have? really no sense of humor!

AnankeTube wrote:

Dejstvitelno, dalekovato zazhel!!!?

Vampgirlie wrote:

I? from Odessa and what he is talking about Ukraine's true! "

Javanfly wrote:

mozhet nie nacionalist, no ksenofob tochno.Zrja? on polez w temu zagranpolitiki … teper 'uzh tochno jego mozhno obviniat' v putinizmie.

Kogda-to mniejego jumor uzhastno nravilsja, no uzhe prijelsja sil'no … Barja3


Jal 'chto daje Zadornov leg pod putinskuyu cenzuru.? no glavneo chto veselit nas stari kloun. tak chto dai bog emu zdarovie.

Badri1988 wrote:


Saas2000 wrote:

Sam you a racist. People just words conveys what INTO around? happening.

Javanfly wrote:

mozhet nie nacionalist, no ksenofob tochno.Zrja on polez w temu zagranpolitiki … teper 'uzh tochno jego mozhno obviniat' v putinizmie.

Kogda-to mniejego jumor uzhastno? nravilsja, no uzhe prijelsja sil'no … Miamalo500


unexpectedly very funny!?

Habensky wrote:

Kak? vy daexali: D

How many teeth in 2 years How many teeth in 2 years

wisdom teeth called the best back chewing teeth? third molars (the same? "Eight"). They erupt later than the other teeth? aged 18 to 25 years. With eruption of wisdom teeth may develop complications of varying severity, so that when an unpleasant or painful sensations should consult your dentist.

Wisdom teeth erupt fairly late (18-25 years), and sometimes even later? it all depends from individual to individual;
wisdom tooth has no distal neighbor, which prevents their mixing in the longitudinal direction;

have the wisdom teeth are no dairy? predecessors? that would have prepared the conditions for them to erupt; <> > wisdom tooth eruption in overcomes significant mechanical obstruction because? grow? such teeth begin after the formation of jaw bone tissue.

If the wisdom teeth erupt with accompanying symptoms such as pain, swelling gums, fever, see your dentist. After examination the doctor will decide on the removal or retention of the tooth.

The most frequently at the wrong position "Eight doctors have to deal with perikoronitom (" hood ") & ndaѕh, inflammation of the tissues surrounding the tooth. If the patient complains of increased sensitivity, swelling and swelling of the gums around the teeth, also may experience severe pain in the mandibular angle, the appearance of bad breath or taste.

If the "eight" in the correct position and its axis is parallel to the axis of standing next to the tooth ("Seven"), while between the seventh tooth and the front edge of the branches of the jaw is enough space.

If the wisdom tooth has a medial position, ie its axis is tilted to the next, seventh, tooth, which is to be removed, creating normal conditions for the eruption of the Group of Eight.

At the distal, buccal, horizontal position of the tooth.

In acute and chronic perikoronite.

In inflammatory diseases provoked by difficult eruption "Eight": periostitis (inflammation of the periosteum), abscesses and phlegmon (abscess) and osteomyelitis of the jaw bone.

The other complications – trigeminal neuritis, etc.

The optimum age for the removal of wisdom teeth can not be determined, but experts tend to believe that the sooner will be removed problematic "eight", the more complications can be avoided .

November 26, 2010

Kitten lost a tooth

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Hurry up to snow … Song with guitar

Description <>:Sorry, pi write stupid, don `t know half of the chord, especially septov.

wrote: beautiful chords)?


wrote: different? voice


wrote: klassno.akkordy? and the battle can be!

I lost a tooth cat

I lost a tooth cat

We are pleased to welcome you on site medical center Aesculapius. "Our center was opened in 2004g.S First

days proved to be a clinic providing medical services by doctors vysokokvalifitsirovanymi using the
latest equipment and most modern metodik.No not only the quality of service it is worth noting in the clinic.
It is important that staff rallied in a friendly team, ready to support his colleague. And it is very important, because the patient
much nicer to come to the wall, food friendship and understanding.
In our center, a large dental office, provides a full range of services in modern stomatologii.Otdelenie

fully equipped with modern equipment necessary to provide quality dental care.
Also at the clinic are welcome experts on homeopathy and iglorefleksoterapevt (SU-JOK). This is a new but already well-behaved
proven trends of modern meditsiny.Dlya confirm the diagnosis you can go through ultrasonography (ultrasound
Vnastoyaschee time, the center has two clinics: the KBC on the street. Seleznev 126 and on the FMR for ul.Atarbekova 22. The clinic at the FMR
are only dental services.

Watch the teeth

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Watch the teeth


bone formation, located in the oral cavity in humans and most vertebrates chelyustnorotyh (some fish are also in the throat) with the functions of capture, retention of food, its mechanical processing mastication. There are three anatomical parts

Teeth: top, or crown, neck, and root (or roots). The bulk of the

Teeth is,

in the crown is covered,

in a mammal in the neck and root.
Inside the teeth has a cavity root canal filled tooth pulp, or


channel opens at the end of the root apical hole through which the cavity

teeth penetrate blood vessels and nerve fibers.

P In the process of historical development of the animal's teeth came from the skin of teeth, or


fish. Incepted

teeth during embryonic development in the form of epithelial folds? Dental records? with the beginnings of the individual teeth are mesenchymal cells of the dermis form below each embryo accumulation (dental papillae) on which the epithelial cells of the dental plates hanging in the form of a cap, so called. enamel organ. The inner layer of cells of dental records involved in the formation of enamel, the outer cells of dental papilla, odontoblasts form dentin and surrounding mesenchymal cells of the cement. Developing

teeth come out, penetrating the mucous membrane of the gums (

Fig. 1 <>).

P The majority of vertebrate teeth to the extent of wear replaced. Change
Teeth is a lifelong polifiodontizm (most vertebrates except mammals), or only once at a young age difiodontizm (most mammals), or not happen at all monofiodontizm (Edentates some mammals, cetaceans). Most fish, reptiles and amphibians, all the teeth are the same (izodontnaya or gomodontnaya system), some fish, reptiles and, as a rule, mammals are

The teeth of different shapes (geterodontnaya system). In cyclostomes develop special

is not homologous teeth chelyustnorotyh vertebrates. The fish

Teeth are placed in the soft tissues and bones of the mouth, on the gill arches (<>). There are fish (eg, Vyunova and carp), with only a pharyngeal

Teeth Adult sturgeon do not have the teeth of amphibian teeth are located on the bones of the mouth. In reptiles

Teeth mostly adheres to the jaws (to their edge or inner side), and rarely are on other bones of the mouth. Do crocodiles

The teeth are placed in the wells of the alveoli jaws. Do poisonous snakes in the upper jaw develops poisonous

teeth fitted with channels associated with poisonous

Now living turtles have teeth: their function is performed by cutting edge horn covers the jaw. Modern birds <>> Teeth denied; fossil bird (Archaeopteryx, ihtiornis and others) had

teeth, jaws located in the alveoli. In mammals,

The teeth sit in the alveoli of jaws. No

teeth in adults some edentate, with single-pass, a toothless whales.
P front teeth incisors (1 through 5 pairs in each half of the upper and lower jaw) dolotovidnoy forms are used for grasping and cutting the food, they are followed by canines (1 pair) cones, are used for grasping and tearing food (at prey) and are an instrument of protection (for omnivores and twin-solipeds, some pinnipeds and cetaceans). Hind

Teeth root (up to 8 pairs), have a complex shape and are used for grinding food, and among indigenous distinguish premolars, or lozhnokorennye (34 pairs), and the truly indigenous (34 pairs), equipped with 2 or more roots. Shape and number <>> teeth of various species of mammals, more or less constant and is an important systematic feature. The composition and number

Teeth in mammals is usually expressed dental formula, which usually indicate the number of

teeth in one half of the top (numerator) and bottom (denominator) jaw. Thus, the dental formula dogs:

P where i incisors (incisivi), with fangs (canini), pm lozhnokorennye (praemolares), m istinnokorennye (molares), the total number of

Teeth 44. The initial letters of the Latin names are usually omitted:

P Y number of predatory teeth does not exceed 44; guy and solipeds, rodents and other number

Teeth vary greatly, some Edentates have 1,820 teeth, and some marsupials to 58; toothed whales Family Delphinidae to 250 teeth depending on the functions of different teeth develop unevenly (eg, <>). In carnivorous canines are well developed, rodent incisors and the root, and tusks are lost, and in their place is formed toothless space

Some mammalian teeth grow continuously (eg, rodent incisors). In prosimians and monkeys number

Teeth reduced to 32 (catarrhine monkeys), which coincides with the number <>> teeth in humans.

P BS Matveev.

P A person's teeth, in addition to chewing, biting and holding food, play a major role in pronouncing certain sounds, as well (especially the front) affect the appearance of the face.

The teeth in the jaws are arched.


November 25, 2010

Removal of Impacted tooth

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Watch: proper tooth extraction

Removing Impacted tooth

say, a child takes a Minium one tooth. Such arithmetic is rather naive, but perhaps not so out of place: so many women complain that the pregnancy has stripped them of their teeth healthy. What can we do to you, it did not happen?

In the dental office after the gynecologist – a dentist! If your guesses about pregnancy confirmed, first, or one of the first doctors that you visit after exit from the women's consultations, should be the dentist – even if you never had the teeth did not complain.

In the mouth there are about 50 million bacteria, which are the main food – carbohydrates. The lack of power they obviously do not have to complain, so they breed – in the warmth and fullness – with a truly incredible rate, especially if their "owner" – a sweet tooth! And if it does not host and hostess "in an interesting position," the conditions for life in freedom and rapid breeding of germs even more.

Increased appetite usually accompanies pregnancy, contributes to consume more carbohydrates. Frequent vomiting in the first trimester may increase the acidity of saliva. Acidic environment and an excess of carbohydrates – what else would you microflora?

In response to growing demand for calcium greater than usual risk of being during pregnancy and tooth enamel – a shield that protects the teeth from contact with the oral microflora. In your position the slightest damage to the tooth enamel is fraught with the rapid development of dental caries: in fact the fetus is actively formed bone system, and the slightest lack of calcium in the body it begins to "leach" from the teeth and bones of the mother.

There is another reason that during and after pregnancy is essential to find time to visit the dentist (and if possible – to a specialist, periodontics). As you have probably guessed, this is periodontitis. (And its initial stage – gingivitis) can be considered a disease of the century.

Suffering from gingivitis (not always aware of it) is not less than half the adult population of our country. In this disease develops hypertrophy of the interdental nipples edge inflamed gums, the gums begin to bleed, sometimes observed tooth mobility. Unfortunately, pregnancy greatly increases the likelihood of ill gingivitis – there's even such a thing as "gingivitis pregnant." If gingivitis developed during pregnancy, the chances that oral health after giving birth to normal, a woman much more than if by that time, when she became pregnant, she had already suffered from this disease. So my advice to you – do not neglect the visits to the dentist (at least every six months) before conception! Treatment of gingivitis reduces to an anti-inflammatory activities and the systematic rehabilitation of the mouth.

Need to contact your dentist regularly to remove plaque and stones. Bad teeth during pregnancy to treat not only possible but absolutely necessary – or after birth may happen that has nothing to cure. In addition, carious teeth – a haven for a variety of microorganisms, including pathogens that can cause very unpleasant diseases as a mother and baby.

Anesthesia Local anesthesia (an injection in the gum) is quite possible, however, during pregnancy, there are a number of constraints and features, so you should always inform your doctor that you are expecting a baby. Even if you only suspect that you may be pregnant, it is better to be safe and talk about their suspicions to the dentist – he'll pick up an effective and safe for you and your child anesthetic (eg ultrakain or ubistezin).

There are people in panic fearing the dental office and their dreams to solve their "dental" problem "by magic" – with the help of general anesthesia. I would like you to know: dental treatment under general anesthesia – general two-edged sword (no one can predict how your body reacts to anesthesia) and during pregnancy – and did absolutely contraindicated.

Sealing During pregnancy, the fillings are not contraindicated for filling material are no limits.

X-ray X-rays tend to avoid up to 20 weeks of pregnancy. After this, X-rays are not contraindicated, but be sure to inform your doctor, a radiologist that you are pregnant – in the absence of a special x-ray installations, "automatically" and protecting the patient and the physician from radiation, it provides you with a protective apron that protects your stomach.

Fluoridation To preserve and strengthen tooth enamel doctors often recommend it to the so-called local fluoridation fluorine-containing solutions and varnishes. The fact that fluorides inhibit the metabolism of bacteria, contribute to hardening of tooth surfaces and increase resistance of teeth to the acid environment. In the domestic practice of dentistry are two ways to fluoridation. When applicative method produced the so-called "individual

November 24, 2010

Signs of the cutting teeth

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Signs of cutting teeth

The first season of "Elite of the world & raqu? came to an end, the grand finale of the duration as much as much as 37 minutes is already waiting for you

. Do not miss out!

Still not found the time to join our? Very vain, because only there are now an exclusive live broadcast, including the stream for adults on Fridays at midnight, as well as test airs!

Eight years in anticipation of "Mafia 2" dragged on indefinitely. Now the long awaited continuation of the cult crime drama was laid on the store shelves, which means it's time


The second chapter in the life of the charismatic and talented & raqu? scumbag Kane and Lynch already on the shelves. Nepruha continue to pursue them everywhere, but what this goes to China – learn from our


Not very ambitious but vital epic "Phil & raq?o; already on the site. Finals UXLT

2010 will not leave anyone indifferent: the unequal fight and the sudden ending in the kit.

November 23, 2010

Rotten teeth picture

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Watch: Foto

rotting teeth photo

Snow-white teeth – a compulsory part of the element for an attractive smile and have to communicate in appearance. Darkening of the teeth and the appearance of these spots may be triggered by diet or lifestyle – smoking, drinking coffee, tea and wine, taking antibiotics or excessive amounts of fluoride during tooth formation.

Has all the means to achieve the pearly white and & nbѕp; offers teeth whitening – lightening the color of teeth by several shades. B & nbѕp; Clinic Megastom "use

gel with professional clinical zoom whitening systems, as well as many clients opt for laser teeth whitening. To date z?om whitening is the most effective technique and can increase the natural whiteness of your teeth by 8-12 shades.

To be sure, whitening zoom action is very simple and virtually painless. The system includes a gel that allows you to whiten your teeth without damaging tooth enamel. Unlike other whitening materials that are used vysokokislotny and unsafe for the teeth of hydrogen peroxide (pH below 6), bleaching zoom has a positive effect on the enamel. This is due to the action of one of the ingredients – amorphous calcium phosphate. Calcium phosphate deposited on the surface of teeth and fills defects and scratches on the tooth enamel, forming a structural component of tooth enamel. Thus, decreasing the permeability of enamel and as a result – decreased sensitivity of the teeth and reduces the risk of tooth decay.

Tooth Whitening zoom on the time it takes from 45 minutes to 1 hour. The procedure is very simple, it starts with a short preparation to isolate the lips and gums – the doctor leaves open only the teeth. Then applied the gel to the teeth Z?om, which activates a special lamp, and completes the procedure

Vysotsky – Hunting from a helicopter (Writing by A. Zubov, 1978)

Description <>: <> > Layout plateletsLike a razor, slashed the dawn of the eyes,
opened triggers as a magical til

arrow appears on the trace of light, –
and took off with a dragonfly rotten river < <> And the fun has gone – in two arms, two hands!
You lay on his stomach and removed the tusks.
Even that, even one who dived under the flags
sensed mantraps paw pads;

The one catch even a bullet could not b, –
Also in the fear vzoprel and Vicinity – and weak.
To make life smiling wolf – not heard –
In vain we love it, Monogamous.
Here is a death – a beautiful wide grin <>> And a healthy, strong teeth.

Have some fun as wolfish grin enemy –
dogs have not lathered withers!
But – tattooed on the blood of the snow
Our painting: we're no longer wolves!

We crawled like a dog tails tucked,
To the heavens surprised muzzle cocked:
Or from the sky retribution rained on us,
Either end of the world – and the imbalance in the brain, – < <> Just beat us in the growth of iron dragonflies.

Blood soaked we are under leaden rain –
and resigned, deciding to: still does not go away!
Bellies with hot melted snow.
This started the carnage is not God – man:
departing – entry of, running away – in the run …

Breed dogs, you're with a bunch of my not vyazhis
Equally, cooked – for us good luck.
Wolves we – good our wolf life
You have a dog – and the death of your dog!
Have some fun as wolfish grin enemy

To nip in the bud rumors.
But – tattooed on the blood of the snow
Our painting: we're no longer wolves!
To the woods – there is at least a few of you have saved!

To the woods, the wolves – harder to kill on the run!
Blow the same foot, save the puppies!
I am moving around in front of half-drunk shooters
and call together the lost souls of wolves.

Those who are still alive, hiding on the far shore.
What can I have one? Can not do anything!
Refused eyes, dulled sense …
Where are you, wolves, former beasts of the forest,
Where are you, yellow-eyed my family?

I live, but now surround me
animals, not knowing wolf cries, –
It's a dog, a distant relative of ours,
We thought of them before extraction.
I say, smiling wolf grin enemy

…expose the rotten pieces.
But – tattooed on the blood of the snow
Our painting: we're no longer wolves!

Maybe the whole army of the YouTube user who knows something, who are these women?

5-minute treatment of teeth with fluorine. During the procedure, the patient can relax and listen to music & mdash; teeth whitening zoom brings no discomfort and pain.

It should be noted that the zoom teeth whitening gel is completely safe for the mouth, because it is isolated from the active gel using a special material which has an optimal fluidity that eliminates the ingress of gel on the mucosa and , does not it burn. With the right care for your teeth with

persists for a long time – your teeth will always be whiter than before the procedure and the use of special toothpastes, bleaching and means to implement the recommendations of our hygienist will enhance this effect. No less efficiently and laser teeth whitening. This process is virtually painless, after whitening zoom does not become sensitive. Laser tooth whitening after the procedure makes it possible to drink hot tea and eat ice cream. Many of our patients confirm that the whitening procedure zo?m made them smile younger and charming, so if you are looking for teeth whitening in Moscow – come to us in the Megastom.

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