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October 31, 2010

A t the tooth

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Open fun football schools p.5

Description <>:09/27/2010 Mr. – 01.10.2010 at Jankoi started the project "Open fun football schools" («Open entertaining football school "), which was attended by 2-A, 3-B, 5-A 7 – B classes and teachers UCMJ" School – Gymnasium "№ 6: Vasilenko, LV, Zub LV Tyshchenko TV, Chikiev U.S., Ovsienko T. Kolyadinsky IV
Details on the website: tooth t
There are many new and interesting details about how to make major repairs to their home, residents have learned Berezniki HOA "Hope" in court over this same repair. So interesting that even after the decision in their favor have decided that the judge still did not appreciate these details are appreciated. And now on the table, the prosecutor Berezniki Maxim Gurov went to seven-page statement from the homeowners with the requirement to make these details of the relevant conclusions.

"Joy must & ndash; you state so many millions allocated for repairs, now is your property has increased in price, you & ndas? lucky, and you're complaining about something!" & Ndash; read in the eyes of officials Berezniki Administration, who wrote dozens of sheets formal replies to the numerous complaints from the HOA "Hope". Residents of the building 28 on the street Jubilee Berezniki not satisfied with the new roofed Decking roof – is flowing, they say, bad insulation of the attic (not heat-insulated, they say), no fences, and roofs snegouporov whatnot. Contrary to the adage about a gift horse, not only do they "drop him in the teeth", but count them. And even need to change the wrong horse on the right.

Recall, in 2008, Building 28 on the street. Jubilee, where residents formed a homeowners' "Hope", entered the program overhaul of apartment buildings on priority regional projects "decent housing". The total cost of repair homes totaled 5.7 million. Updating the system were water and electricity at home, repaired porches and roofs. However, the repairs, according to the chairman of the TSG, was carried out with gross violations of Technology, gave the roof leak.

In August 2010 Bereznikovskiy City Court ruled on the suit HOA & laquo; Hope "to the administration of the city's contracting activities, management of capital construction, quality control during the repair and implemented the acceptance of works and the contractor – LLC ; North. In the decision, the court ordered the administration and management of capital construction to remedy defects in repair of the roof, make pereukladku sheeting on the roof in accordance with technical requirements, eliminate gaps in the roof to adjust the height standards of ventilation shafts and put new insulation in the attic.

It would seem – a victory? However, the HOA considered the decision a "compromise" and intend to achieve full satisfaction of their claims. And therefore applied to the Perm regional court appeal against the decision Berezniki municipal court. In addition, they appealed to the Berezniki prosecutor's office demanding to validate the cost of repair of their houses, changing both before work and after graduation.

So, the cost of all work and materials for major repairs at home 28 to ul.Yubileynaya Berezniki, according to the municipal contract 6 years from 19.12.2008, has been identified in the 5,706,990 rubles, the sum and signed a contract with the contractor – LLC "North".

However, after signing the acceptance of work performed in April 2009 and payments to the contractor agreed contract sum, the fall of 2009 the administration enters into a new city contract with FE Ivashov the amount of 1,517 rubles, 983.5. In addition, payments were made on two contracts to provide technical supervision functions (from 22.12.2008g. – On the bag 114 and 139.8 rubles from 02.11.2009, at $ 4 326.21 rubles) and two agreements on cost estimates (from 2.3 .2009, on the sum of 10,000 rubles, and on 02.11.2009 in the amount of 9,374 rubles). If we add here the cost of design documentation made UKSom according to a letter in 1091 from 2.2. 2009 amounting to 171,520 rubles, the total cost of repair increases to 7 million 557 thousand 450 rubles. With that, initially, in the year 2007, when the application for participation in the program overhaul residential condominiums from "Hope" has only been adopted by the Office of Urban city administration, the cost of repairs was estimated at 2,059,259 rubles.

The HOA believes that the second municipal contract appeared on the grounds that not all work, budgeted under the first contract had been met, although paid in full. In particular, it relates to work in-house repair of heating systems and repair the facade. And when you consider the fact that the administration has taken the work to repair the roof with many defects and deviations from the building standards (confirmed by an independent expert), then the HOA residents demanding the return of illegally seized as 285,350 rubles, paid by them as a 5% share of homeowners to co-finance overhaul at home. They point out that to this day the city administration had been referred to the act of all work performed HOA representative for further exploitation.

The appeal to the prosecutor chairman HOA Hope Dernova Requests prov


Teething symptoms

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3D animated demonstration phases of the eruption of milk and permanent teeth.
Teething symptoms

You are going to watch the video, which may contain material of an erotic nature, foul language or graphic violence. If you are under 18 or do you think such content unacceptable and insulting your feelings – leave this page. If you decide to continue viewing, the TV, "TNT-Network" will not bear any responsibility for the legality of your actions, as well as for any possible consequences.

Attention! If you are over 18 years, and you want to access in the future like a video, register on the site and enter in the profile of your birth date (or log into your account, if you already have).

Tooth Decay

Description <>:Video tutorials for patients of dental clinics

October 30, 2010

Komorowski teeth

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Teeth Whitening & Oral Health: How to Whiten Teeth With Home Remedies

Home remedies for whiter teeth include brushing with hydrogen peroxide, brushing with baking soda or brushing with a lemon juice and salt mixture. Use natural ingredients to whiten teeth with information from a dental technician in this free video on oral health.

Expert: Michelle McPhail
Bio: Michelle McPhail has been a licensed dental assistant for seven years.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


cutiepattel100 wrote:

yea like i have hydrogen? poroxide in my house

fogito21 wrote:

@ cutiepattel100 : D? : D: D: D well done buddy. pure humor

Slashloo wrote:

is using? Hydrogen Peroxide 100% safe? I have my doubts because the label says that it is poisonus. : S

TheKiddeva wrote:

shit my teeth r yellow? but i think i waz born with it can u helpe me

Krieger91 wrote:

@ TheKiddeva? born with yellow teeth … lol wtf?

ChaoticNuke wrote:

so thats how im gonna do that to? you haha

Geckolover45 wrote:

lol,? subtitles.

Alekh12345 wrote:

ill whiten her teeth with? my cum

Shuckus wrote:

Lemon juice combined with salt is dangerous, do not try that at all? or your teeth will rot and decay faster. The acid from lemons robs the calcium off from your teeth. I would highly recommend the use of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.

Be careful about using too much hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, never brush your teeth too hard with these remedies or you will be rubbing off the tooth enamel that protects us from decay. Brush gently and after brush your teeth with a regular toothpaste

stayflyryry wrote:

Was? anyone else listenin to what she was sayin or just imagining bangin her brains out?

Babiebuntin wrote:

witch works? better?


where to get? H202?


lemon? juice and salt mixture? oO

djembefola3 wrote:

i would think brushing you teeth with salt on? a normal basis would also raise your blood pressure from all the sodium … be careful in taking advice from the so called experts research before implementing …. baking soda works just as good as an abrasive

sersam243 wrote:

I brushed mine with chlorine!?

Babymario523 wrote:

@ sersam243 your gonna kill yourself! ! ! lol? jk (:

madzane94 wrote:

as in how much video's? with this same topic has she done lol .. like 3?

Oh well, more views more $ << >> xD


wrote: can i? have her number?


wrote: what the? heck does she oil herself up before he does this ???!?!?!


wrote: when you brush? your teeth with that stuff do u still need to use toothpaste after you use it? <<> > caribbeangamerboy


I wish my? dentist was her teer99


Damn I would like her to whiten? my teeth XD mlgxjoey


is that the stuff for cuts cuz that shit stings and im scard to put that? in my mouth oo xxABIGBOYxx


can you? use the lemon jucie you put on fish??? shpotik


wow you're beautiful …..? jesserules2

wrote: <> > this? girl is gorgeous

bjpw9421 wrote:

why does everyone think she's so good-looking. I mean,? i know everyone's entitled to there own opinion but to me she looks like a man with a greasy face.

XiLoCutiX wrote:

she? is banging!

lomboy09 wrote:

ur shiny chine is distracting i dident even hear what u said for like a min? and a half

amiharamihar wrote:

@ lomboy09

lol? that made me laugh … BokenBoySoldier921

writes: what if you take? a small glass of hydrogen peroxide and mix it with lemon juice, salt, and baking soda then brush that on you're teeth? im gonna try it. prolly tastes like crap but meh. ..

libralionel wrote:

@ BokenBoySoldier921

LOL. try it out and let us know your result. hahaha. a combination of those may work better than just? using one of the item. DTrueAce

wrote: @ BokenBoySoldier921

wont? that explode or something? JohnDeere1317

wrote: ahhharei? << >> nachofreak34

wrote: can i die? if i drink that?


wrote: shes reading what shes saying?

powerrangersr << >> wrote:

she doesnt know what she is talking about. Lemon juice can destroy? your teeth! blue0eyes6


@ powerrangersr you're right – the acid in lemon or lime juice eats away at the stains like she? says, but it also eats away at your tooth enamel! I can't believe that she would be recommending this method … stick with the peroxide method. it works like a charm for me, and it's so cheap! everyone always asks me how I keep my teeth so white, and hydrogen peroxide is the answer!


wrote: jizz? in my pants

NlCK93 wrote:

i read some of these can harm your enamel, especially if you use them too? much livnlarge1980


what if you mix all them together at once?? probably have teeth like you were chewing on a lead pipe 619cops619






That bitch didn't say that using? lemon could harm your teeth! <<> > LuigiBatetongPhD


man she's? HOT Michelle ……


wrote: thanks alot my teeth r not yellow but i just want to make them more whiter then what they can be, i will try this new? ideas n update latter




bonedeath11 wrote:

Crap it whitened my gums not teeth, and my 8th grade promotion is tommorow and instead of having nice white teeth,? I'm going to have white gums …. ppl DONT DONT TRY IT !!!!!

dawnlight411 wrote:

@ bonedeath11 dats the same thing that happeneed 2 mii

Halomaster1006 wrote:

@ bonedeath11

i tryed it and i have braces, Just use mouthwash man it will go right? back to normal dawnlight411

wrote:? yo i tryed dis (the hydroprioxide) and it whiten my gum (MAKE? SURE IT DOESNT SAY EXTERNAL USE ONLY )****************

thedudeonthecomputer wrote:

@ dawnlight411 << >> lol AssassinAxel1

wrote: wow whats up with poeple telling you to use lemon???? LEMON EATS AWAY YOUR? ENAMAL AND MAKES YOUR TEETH YELLOW !!!!!!!


wrote: hey really nice? video for tooth whitening, I'll surely give try to this remedy to whiten my teeth.

xxEMOTIC94xx? wrote: < <>> She a dental ASSISTANT not a actual? dentist doctor so she doesn't get paid as much!! So she not rich

BluesRiffage wrote:

What you wanna do is remineralize your teeth and keep the pH of your mouth alkaline, so as to reverse the acidic erosion from A LOT of what we eat. Xylitol? is a natural sweetener and sugar substitute that will aid in the remineralization process. A good fluoride rinse is also recommended.

BluesRiffage wrote:

This is horrible advice. Lemon juice is extremely acidic and combined with something as abrasive as salt, that shit will strip your enamel off like nobody's business. The yellowing of one's teeth isn't necessarily so much a result of staining, but a sign that you're enamel? has already eroded to some degree. You can look up pictures of people who have virtually no enamel and their teeth are like tiny rotten pieces of corn.

loadedlover12 wrote:

WoW she is soooo? HOT!

ElchinMendes wrote:

shes rich, dentists are rich peoples xD?

Ted00100 wrote:

Hydrogen peroxide fucks up ur gums !!!!?

manicbassa wrote:

Salt on? teeth? Dear God No!!!! < <>> chrisbartley88

wrote: i do the bakin? soda sumtimes lol: P


wrote: is this? safe??


wrote: the lemons sounds like a REALLY bad idea.? the acid from the lemons damage and erode ur toooth enamel !!!!! derr but baking soda and hydrogen peroxide are awsome:] i just would not do the lemon one …


wrote: what kind? of lemon the yellow ones or those small green ones???


wrote: @ venzarki18

"the green ones"? you're referring to are called limes, not lemons.

chrisbartley88 wrote:

@ portisalpha

maybe they dont eat fruit enough so u? shudnt b so fuckin harsh. portisalpha


@ chrisbartley88 First, I wasn't harsh at all, I was simply telling them the correct name for a "green lemon". I didn't imply that they were ignorant or anything? like that. Second, what does eating fruit have to do with it? LOL I've never been to Russia but I know the capital is Moscow.

subscribefori wrote:

@ venzarki18 if ur not from this country i excuse u but ur really stupid u know that? its limes not? green lemons. .

crazyboyfourth wrote:

hot? Imspcl65

wrote: what if you are wearing? cap? Can Hydrogen or baking soda somehow loosen them?

I am kinda nervous using this … plus all teeth will look different than the cap right??? tuckersaitta

wrote: Yes, those ideas work but SHE got her white? teeth when i jizzed all over her face;)

ladygaga1510 wrote:

hey i am 14 years old and i use crest white strips and i put them on two days? already and i am going to wear braces and i don't know if i should wait until i have my braces of? or before i get braces? please help

amyt066 wrote:

@ ladygaga1510

Usually your teeth will be cleaned with a paste that tastes like sand, feels like sand, but its not sand. That makes them all clean and white before you get your braces on. The biggest thing is always make sure to keep your teeth clean when you wear your braces otherwise you will get white marks that cant be removed. You might want to whiten them afterwards tho but beforehand isnt necessary but? you could if you wanted to

3AMVideoz wrote:

Lemon turns from acid to alkaline in contact with the body, so no, it won't erode your teeth, unless you overdue it, of course,? as with everything else!

TheLMack wrote:

"Like everywhere,? like such as … "

diemandie69 wrote:

citric acid erodes ur? teeth and salt rips your gums two shreds. Wuggshine

wrote: @ diemandie69

salt heels cuts in? your mouth

thorgrimers wrote:

@ diemandie69

what? makes you such a expert TheGandHShow


@ diemandie69 shes a dental assistant.i think she? knows what shes doing or else she wouldnt have said that.

TheTaylorforever wrote:

my friend tried the hydrogen proxide and it? almost messed up her gumz. Marisol0110

wrote: cool. thanx for the advice and i will? try it! its also really cool bkuz i am going to start college for dental asst.

FreshtoDeath90 wrote:

she's hot? Hitogoji

wrote: Nice grammar.?


wrote: than try chewing rocks.?


wrote: Doesnt? that screw your theeth?


wrote: Yeah the citric acid? erodes your teeth.


wrote: try getting it at the local? chemist


wrote: where do you the hydrogen? peroxide? i think this could work and just need someone to reply so i can buy it. nice video (:


wrote: @ Madderrzzz

you can buy hydrogen peroxide at any local store such as a grocery store or drug store. It tends to be a brown bottle ? and most often used to disinfect cuts

wisperwend wrote:

your pretty?

ftbsltd wrote:

i found that whisky? works pretty good!

striker797 wrote:

I think shes beautifull? 8xMaix8

wrote: Michelle McPhail??


wrote: hey this is true,? baking soda works!


wrote: Haha, this? so unreal;) Her name is Michelle McPhail, yep, McPHAIL.


wrote: @ MrOMG098


Smart ass; D Smokey94462


Michelle is kinda? hot Missii100


do you? brush your teeth normally after the remedy or do you brush them before? Bestamerica


what cause teeth becomes stain?


wrote: I wonder is this damages the tooth enamel though. The peroxide seems? the best bet


wrote: About Baking Soda, Some videos say to put it on your tooth brush after its wet, or to put it? on your toothbrush on top of the tooth paste … Which one works / works better?


wrote: I asked my dentist about the lemon juice = acid therefore eats away your teeth. And he said a no no to the baking soda as? well. They both wear away your teeth but hey if you don't give a shit about that – than go for it.


wrote: that bitch, 3% hydrogen peroxide turned? my gums white!


wrote: LMFAO!!!!

Damn that sounds bad.?

Bigxboiz714 wrote:

lol yeah? it came off after i brushed hella hard. it stings you should jus stick to baking soda or lemon = D

DancingIsMyRemedy01 wrote:

lemon? juice weakens the enamel.

Minimutt16 wrote:

yo? i tried dat hydrogen peroxide stuff thingy … and it stung like a b * tch for a min … then like right after u could kinda feel it workin and like ma teeth looked a bit brighter … so i personally think the only down fall is the stinging other than that … i like it


wrote: yeah the peroxide actually works. i just got braces off a minute ago and came home and did it. Your gums might? sting a little for a few min but it does work. Teeth are definately whiter now


wrote: it can bugger up your? gums. I wouldnt recommend it.


wrote: Do any of these actually work and don't they all taste nasty? If anyone has tried any of these please tell me because my mom says that getting my teeth whitened is? too expensive.


wrote: Michelle looks like she just got threw with? a gangbang? hmmmmmmmmmmm


wrote: where? can i get hydrogen proxide?


wrote: at walmart?


wrote: Interesting, because my dentist always cautioned me against sucking? on lemons as the acid can be quite damaging to enamel.


wrote: yea your dentist is damn right these? ehow people are just plain crackheads dont listen to them


wrote: thts yu brush thurrowly afterward? dont worry ull be ok


wrote: hott?


wrote: What about mixing salt, lemon juice, Hyrdroperoxide AND baking soda? all together???


wrote: your basically going to be making a volcano? with a lot of foam … tell me how it turns out: P


wrote: @ richmond24


Richmond24 wrote:

i find it ironic? how her name is McPhail

PersianBroskie wrote:

hahaa nice?

XxXDrummachineXxX wrote:

ya and remove all? the fucking enamal too zerocool00045073

wrote: wow? shes gorgeous!


wrote: @ zerocool00045073


Oiyabastard wrote:

@ zerocool00045073

jeez? are u in prison? Samnewey


thank you,? really helps PNprodutions


omff i got same tooth brush as? the one she is using their; O

davidgould2006 wrote:

They made more than? one. And it's "there" as in a directive, not "their" as in third party posessive. Twilover4evr127

wrote: the acid from lemons can? weeken your tooth enmale but the peroxide and baking soda i have a heard a million times so it must work


wrote: I've done that; P. .. If your gums? start to hurt quit ..


wrote: First of all, its not fluoride, it's fluorine. The sodium fluoride in the toothpaste reacts with the tooth enamel to form a very hard protective layer around it. There is? only a small amount of NaF.


wrote: whats? up with the commercials before videos now


wrote: @ PHXJersey

Use Mozilla Firefox and add? the plugin "AdBlockPlus" it will remove all ads on youtube and any other site.

SicSolution wrote:

@ music88jd

: because yellow teeth are a sign of? bad hygiene and look disgusting and makes you look unattractive, dont be stupid kookeraa


alcohol? works too. Jimbirt1970

wrote: I say good luck with all that abrasion, acid and sodium chloride on your never-replaces-itself tooth? enamel.

Lifeisbeautiful89 wrote:

i thought acid? from the lemon removes the enamel off of your tooth …Diegofurlan92

wrote: all i kno bout acid is if poured on skin and? under the sun it'll be a permanent stain haaa ha


wrote: thank you very much? dear


wrote: thanks; P?


wrote: you can? use mouth watch to rinse the hydrogen peroxide


wrote: thanks darling?


wrote: i did the hydrogen? peroxide and made my throat hurt


wrote: U? sexy and smart love U girl


wrote: so? on some of your gums are you supposed to have some wihite spots on your gums?


wrote: where do? you get hydrogen peroxide?? What does it come in? Cheers, I wouldn't mind trying this!


wrote: Hydrogen peroxide is the best one to use – Professional teeth whitening is this in a gel form (i still have some left from the cosmetic dentist!) – But it's a higher percentage.

It can make the gum white but only? for a few minutes, water will calm it down. . Just get a 3 to 6% hydrogen peroxide bottle (no higher!!)

Hydrogen Peroxide has been used as a skin disinfectant so isn't harmful at all. some people use it as a mouthwash! It has great results with regular use for a long time! 🙂 Purplestarfish68


wats? that garc9eri


mix two table spoons of lemon juice half a table? spoon of baking soday

2 pinches of salt

and 2 drops of hydrogen peroxiode

this works. results in minutes!!

Ahidkwhoiam wrote:

baking soda didnt whiten my teeth,? just made them shinier.

JumbaJohn wrote:

your not suppose to? use baking soda alone



@ ahidkwhoiam

what? I can't quite visualize? the picture.

Briizy0123 wrote:

can you use the baking soda method on braces??

AmparoSb wrote:

oh and the arm and hammer extreme whitening i believe? with the baking soda in it OH MY GOD you see the results right after i swear and trust me ive tried so many brands and i? love it! its a bit strong tho but id put my money on that one anyday!

AmparoSb wrote:

first off hydrogen peroxide does work you a damn fool for not rinsing good enough! lol? Papichulodeldf

wrote: can someone? tell me what works better hydrogen peroxyde, baking soda, or the damn lemon juice with salt


wrote: Yeah,? I wonder the same.


wrote: dey lie nobody use hydogen poroxdye it turns ur gums white to u will look like a? damn fool


wrote: Can we still use this method to whiten teeth after having surgery to treat gum disease?

Also – can you use a 9% hydrogen peroxide solution … that's all I've been able to find in? my local drug store ….?

Billy ….. XoDinoRawrXo


the lemon juice and salt worked wonders for me and i have? no pain like everyone else says brownjellybean7


yeh lemon juice is not a good idea … especially if you already have weakened enamel or sensative teeth. it wil be worse …. but probably okay if? you have Strong enamel already … but i would not recommend this. Looksexytalkdirty


i'm scared shit of that hydrogen peroxide idea, i think i'll stick with baking soda? instead.


wrote: were the? fuck am i supposed to get hydrogen peroxide ….


wrote: CVS or Food? Lion


wrote: walmart …. or? any drugstore! 🙂


wrote: at any grocerie store .. it's always next to the alcohol .. and no im not talking beer lol alcohol to clean cuts .. peroxide is in a brown bottle .. and it's? always in the toothpaste isle ..= P .. i tryed it .. it kinda works


wrote: its actually in the first aid section? of ur local supermarket (jewel, dominiks … etc)


wrote: same thing i said!!!!

It was a lie it makes? my teeth hurt so bad

pinkyy91 wrote:

so which one react faster??

Hydro.peroxide, lemon juice or baking? soda?? Thnx ~


wrote: LOL. it's hydrogen peroxide LOL! (H2O2) and you can buy it at any? local pharmacy



Um yeah she? may be a dental assistant but using lemon juice will just cause you to have extra sensitive teeth … Cwj415


using hydrogen peroxide is bad for teeth .. it takes off the outer layer of the? teeth so it becomes weaker


wrote: this was so helpful. i just brushed my teeth with? the lemon and salt. its already showing great results. . . thanx


wrote: where? can you get hydrogen peroxide?

I dont think i have it at home lol

or do i??? MANUTD17CHIVAS


u can get it at wal-mart …. its really cheap i got mine for like? 60 cents xXxCoolTjxXx


what? do they use it for anyway?! MANUTD17CHIVAS


its supposed to? make your teeth white and also it disenfects your toothbrush


wrote: my gums became white around where I applied this hydrogen peroxide. weird. is this normal? should? I stop using it? can anyone help?


wrote: You probably used like 10% + Hydorgen peroxide. Thats not safe for skin. 3% is? the best.


wrote: you can get 6% to 36% saturated hydrogen peroxide?? which one?


wrote: The dentist says not to use salt or lemon juice. Salt is abrasive on the enamal and lemon juice is acidict to the gums.?


wrote: is that really true? salt and lemon juice is danger for teeth?? …..


wrote: Wont the brushing and the acid from the juice damage your teeth? I've heard it's very? bad for the teeth


wrote: Girl, you? are fabulous! Thank you! : D


wrote: thank you for posting this. it was? very helpful

Komorowski teeth

Komorowski teeth Have you ever wondered why some people's teeth are white, while others have faded? Some people bad breath, and other fresh breath? The answer is. Oral health care requires an individual approach. 17% of the population failed to find him. Others need help!

Take a specialized test, which will allow the program to simulate individual approach to your teeth.

Suitable for you means whiter teeth without the intervention of dentists. Location: St. Petersburg Website:

Wedge-shaped defects of teeth

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Wedge-shaped defects of teeth

You Po-moemu nikogda DO NOT zadumyvalic, pochemu nation who have odnih belye teeth, while others pozheltevshie? In a nation who odnih nA camom dele nepriyatny zapah izo rta, while others cvezhee dyhanie? Otvet cleduyuschy … Uhod za poloctyu rta trebuet dovolno taki individualny

p?dhod. 17% naceleniya udaloc ?go nayti.

Wedge-shaped defects of teeth

Octalnym trebuetcya pomosch!

Proydite potryacayusche cpetsializirovanny tect, k?tory pozvolit programme cmodelirovat vzapravdu individualny approach with a Vashim zubam.

– Imenno podhodyaschie imenno unto you cpocoby ?tbelivaniya zubov bez vmeshatelctva ctomatologov.

Zhdem Vac –

October 29, 2010

Itchy teeth

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Itchy teeth
itchy teeth

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October 28, 2010

In the dream crumbled teeth

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Watch: Transerfing reality. Stage II. The rustle of the morning stars \ sound \ 01 \ 01-Probughdenie vo sne 05

Zivi s uma!
In the dream crumbled teeth

-Igor, tell me, because it is a unique case that the law draft on the Internet? And it is possible not only to study it, but leave your comments. You think it is right that this document was in access, how will take into account the wishes of the public?

-Given that the Constitution requires that our laws were direct action, it is absolutely correct. This is the vector that today characterizes the Russian lawmaking.

-The document itself is called the Police Act, which involves changing the name of the internal organs. Is it correct that it will, and was it worth it to start the reform Interior Ministry?

– First of all, I must say that this topic is not new, and I myself was at the forefront of the idea of renaming the police to the police. And the decision is absolutely correct. But I'd never took all of that reform, which today is under the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to change signage. Change of signage – is only one of its constituent parts, some important, it is legal. And in my opinion, this decision – a symbol, I've already talked about this, which suggests that the country's leadership, fundamental approach to changing the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. And of course, many bloggers and experts, right to notice when they say that by simply renaming a qualitative change in the functioning of the police, which is now criticizing, will not happen. It happens as a result of those reforms, which are incorporated in today's draft, and that will be more adjusted to the discussion and implementation of the new law.

-As for the law, how would you rate him? What are its pluses than minuses in, and whether he fundamentally change the work of law enforcement?

-& Nbѕp, you know, I would say that actually work and change the system it was possible under the old law. But it is clear that the old law was accepted long ago that many of its provisions are obsolete and that today's bill changed the demand for the functioning of the system. First of all, to its staffing, its openness to civil society, greater demands for police officers to clear regulation of the rights and responsibilities. That's good. On the other hand, the challenges we face today, and that cause, as I said earlier, public criticism, the problems of enforcement. Therefore, the framework will now be created to further consolidate this framework in the bylaws, and most importantly, to ensure its implementation, the unquestioning execution, and why are new requirements for personnel.

– The bill implies public control over the activities of the militia, as it will in practice, tell me? And how this related to police itself?

-We have for many years said, and now it is declared that the main criterion for evaluating the work of the police, for me, now the police will be the state of public opinion. Another thing is that we must also develop as a reassuring view of how this view will be taken into account when making decisions. First of all, in assessing the performance of a unit. Such things in the law can not be regulated. The law declares the principle, but the methodology, their application in practice, the ability of management and analytical units to apply these techniques, it is a matter of time. A lot of forms. This community councils, it is very important impact press, it's the principles that reinforce the functions of civilian control, by means of air video of what we talked about. Discussion on blogs, taking statements about crimes and other offenses over the independent channels over the Internet. Changing the structure of the militia, and so on and so forth.

-There is much talk about what we need to change the system of training. How do you feel that you need to do to regain respect and honor the service?

-You know, this is a separate issue, it is a different point of view. Personally, I am a supporter, and for many years a champion, the transition to professional education. I believe that the system of the Ministry of Interior, the police should be trained not generalists, namely police officers. That is, for the scheme, which operates in many countries, including with the United States, Europe, and so on. If we follow the two-year training scheme where the number of general subjects will be reduced and the number of ad hoc – increased when the training will be objective, with multiple repetition and working of typical situations, then we obtain at the output of a policeman, not even a lawyer, with an unclear qualifications.

– Thanks. I remind you that we have been in touch Igor Zubov, Colonel-General of militia.

October 27, 2010

Recipes teeth whitening

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Teeth Whitening

Description <>:With the help of whitening you can without too much trouble to give a lighter shade of his own teeth. Tooth enamel with this absolutely does not suffer, because there is no need to uninstall it, nor obtochek nor burning.
Recipes teeth whitening
A white smile? admires. Sure, everyone is dreaming of an expressive smile, as beautiful white teeth and leave the man a good impression.

Everyone remembers how as a child's parents were forced to brush their teeth morning and evening, and we reluctantly did so. They were right, because to maintain beautiful teeth can only be only one. Do not worry about the teeth can earn caries, periodontal disease and many other diseases.

In our time for dental treatment is used the most modern equipment. In contrast to Soviet times, in our time

dental treatment without pain is mandatory dental office. This procedure is particularly well suited for the

dental care to children, since they are most afraid of visiting a dentist.

Caring for a child of their teeth can last a lifetime to save a beautiful smile, however, despite the fact that the nature you are very beautiful and strong teeth, they can still be not very white. So, you had a Hollywood smile, modern dentistry offers

care and teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening procedure is carried out using modern dental techniques, thanks to them you can get a smile you've always dreamed of.

In Moscow, dental treatment can be performed at any convenient for you and the dental clinic. Many medical centers offer walk in their clinical treatment of dental caries, where you still help get rid of gum disease, etc. But, instead of this you have to pay a decent amount of money as

prices for dental treatment are high. In turn, our medical clinic is always happy to help those who wish for a little money to cure your teeth.

If you need dental treatment in Moscow, we are always at your service. In our clinic, dental treatment is carried out only by experienced dentists and the most modern equipment. Our dentists spend

treatment of teeth without pain. Also at your discretion you may even make anesthesia, then you do not feel anything. We can cure your teeth for adults and children.

Dentistry for children is carried out smoothly and efficiently, so that your child will be able to leave the dentist's office quickly and without tears.

Teeth Whitening kappami.avi

We, like you live in this world and are familiar with all the trends of today. We also know that white teeth? is the key to success. In our clinic, we are literate

treatment of teeth and bleaching them. Our technology and methods of bleaching will allow you to get the white and beautiful teeth.

Sure, snow-white smile pleases you and your buddy, but the process of bleaching can not spend until you have tooth decay. Caries? an insidious disease of the teeth, which can lead to many serious complications. Our latest diagnostic techniques allow us to detect tooth decay even on the its development. In my practice, we can carry

treatment of dental caries using the latest tools: using ozone laser. We guarantee that we will always be able to quickly and easily cure your teeth.

Even if you are diagnosed with a cyst of the tooth, you should not inspiring. It used to be because of the cysts had to remove teeth, today the specialists of our clinic are ready to assist you effectively

treatment of cysts of the tooth. Our practical treatment methods to allow <>> treatment of cysts teeth are so high quality and fast that you do not even know that you used to be a cyst of the tooth.

With us you can be proud of its strong and beautiful teeth. We conduct effective


prices for our services is always the lowest. Coming to us for treatment, you will have a warm welcome, and experienced dentists and excellent equipment will always help heal and whiten your smile.

Let your smile is irresistible!

October 26, 2010

Growing teeth

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Technology oyster mushrooms growing on wood chock March 2000

Growing teeth
Growing teeth

Advice please. Today went to the doctor, I removed the upper extremity of a tooth on the left, because he was sick. I for some reason hurt the gums when eat on the side where the tooth is removed the pain. eat because of this, yet eat the right side. But that is beside him tooth is, it also hurts a little bit it probably pays to the gums. I was prescribed 3-4 times a day, rinse your mouth with green tea solution, the next day to 1 cup kipyach.vody 0.5 teaspoon salt 0.5 teaspoon soda 3 drops of iodine. I wanted to ask the doctor has prescribed the correct advice and approximately how many days would hurt the gums, and should they get sick after a tooth extraction?

Dentistry Clinic

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Hotels and resorts on the Dead Sea – Dental implantation

Description <>:Dear visitor
You are on the site by Dr. G. Ribitski dentist in Israel. Our Dental Clinic is located in the city of Be'er Sheva, Israel.
The main field of activity-prosthetics for implants.
A dental implant (implant, implant) – is an artificial tooth replacement
remote teeth. Modern dentistry – this medication without pain, implantation without a knife and without surgery.
Dental treatment under general anesthesia and full cure allows the entire mouth
for one day.
Dental clinic in Beer Sheva allows our patients from around the world
to combine rest and treatment at the Dead Sea with dental treatment.
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?????? ????? ???????? ????? ???? , ????? ?????? ???? ??? . ????? ?????? ???? ?????? ?? ???? ?????? ?????? :?? ?????? – ????? ?????? – ????? ??????
???????? – ?????? ???? ??? – ????? ??? ?????
????? ????
Dear Visitors!
Welcome to Negev dentistry website. Our dental clinics provide dental treatment under general anesthesia, tooth and bone implants, teeth whitening, crowns, children's dentist. Dentists in our Be'er Sheba dental clinic will assist you with a single dental implant as well as with multiple oral implants, bone and sinus augmentation (sinus lift, sinus lifting). We offer esthetic and cosmetic dentistry solutions, immediate implantation & loading – "Teeth in a day". Our dental hygienist offers tooth cleaning & oral hygiene instruction. Antique dental instruments, Dental antiques, History of Dentistry. Visit my Dental museum.

wrote: Pretty interesting?


wrote: Excellent movie.?

Dental Clinic

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quit smoking teeth, then take a deep breath, this

October 25, 2010

White Teeth Smith

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Big Book Haul – My First Year Literature Degree


I love Jane Austen!? Jsutkissmyfrog


@ souljhaus have you read Persuasion? its? next on my list, and I'm liking it alot better:)


id poke? this whores hontas AndrewMauriceSmith


haha I liked this:) I'm? going to be studying English Lit. in Sep and was looking up videos to get an idea of what it would be like …. this was my favourite one! I'm also going to need to read "the Beach" as soon as I get a chance lol



Awww: DI loveeeee you!!? Jsutkissmyfrog


@ davey90r i love you also:)? x

watchhowtobegod wrote:

I read most of these two years ago. I remember getting through Sugar and Slate. It was long, it was boring, but I managed to read it all.? It served no purpose in the end, I wrote the essay on a different book. After that I was a bit more … selective. Jsutkissmyfrog


@ watchhowtobegod well kudos for getting to the end! … i meen, i got to the end, but not via the middle, so I? don't think it counts:) what was your fave in first year then?

Watchhowtobegod wrote:

@ jsutkissmyfrog I'd say The Beach was my? favourite. That one's actually gone on a shelf with 'proper books' that I like. The rest are mostly in some box somewhere.

Jsutkissmyfrog wrote:

@ watchhowtobegod cool:) yeah as I said, i LOVE that book too:) although, i was reluctant to say it was my favorite, cus EVERYONE says that, besides the magic was taken out of it for me when? i discovered what a bumhole Alex Garland seems to be.

Hmmm does this meen youv done the whole degree course? and maybe would like to flog books to a gullable second year like ……… I dont know …… me? lol Rida9651


I have read that booookkk!!! Reluctant Fundamentalist. But I didn't like it that much. I dunno Being a Pakistani and being from Lahore the city this story takes place in I couldn't resonate with the narrator. I think he didn't do us justice. But overall the Idea that when you migrate to another country and you feel like an outsider and stuff was portrayed well. I'd need a larger word limit to fully word my thought = P So i'll just leave it at that.

His name? is actually pronounced "Moh-sin" = P



@ Rida9651 thats cool! yeah, i guess im abit naive, the first I'd heard of Lahore till this book, so MOH-SIN (:)) could pretty much tell me what he liked about it. I just loved the clever imagery and the heartbreaking and unusual love story, I? thought it was tres clever:)

White Teeth Smith White Teeth Smith <> Subject: /? Portsmith increasingly

resort to energy drinks, which are
increase endurance during exercise.

However, dentists from the United States found that the

drinks a highly detrimental impact on the

dental health.

Popular Energy contain a large

amount of acid, due to which long

consumption of these drinks lead to tooth


It has been proven that even the citric acid,

part of the energy drinks,

contributes to the formation of erosion in tooth enamel.

In conjunction with other components of it
causes the destruction of tooth enamel and

softening of tooth tissue.

And from brushing your teeth after eating

sports drinks can only be worse.

Weakened enamel becomes too

sensitive to ingredients

toothpaste. Brushing your teeth can be no earlier than

30 minutes after drinking energy.

Doctors recommend minimizing the use of

similar beverages, and better and do them


See also:

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