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September 30, 2010

The first teeth

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First teeth
first teeth

Our Dental offers
all kinds of services

as well as affordable prices to the implantation and treatment.

In the field of orthopedic and therapeutic
dentistry, orthodontics, whitening and implant

Dental laboratory Dentlayn Suite is equipped with modern equipment, German, Italian, Korean firms.

In the laboratory, working first class specialist with experience of 15-20 years.

We are

consultation with the patient,

guarantee for the quality treatment and

implanted in the walls of the clinic.

Dentistry Dentlayn Suite has proved itself as reliable

hospital with a wide range of services and modern equipment

treatment and dental implantation. <> Prices <>> services have been formed so that a family with an average

material prosperity would be able to get the

all the necessary treatment, including produce and

complicated procedures.

Our Doctors

Dentistry own exclusive methods of treatment,

implantation and improve their skills on a regular basis
participating in seminars, symposia and international


Each concrete case

in dentistry, we consider the complex with

therapists, orthopedic surgeons and specialists in the area of implantation.

In the manufacture of dental prostheses in clinical use the most modern technology.

Cermets (SHOFU – Japan, VITA – Germany) <> Removable dentures: complete dentures, dentures with clamps clasp, clasp prosthesis on attachments (clip)

Flexible dentures fabricated by injection molding ( clasp dentures, removable nylon prosthesis) (PRESSING DENTAL – San Marino)

? To improve the safety program work? Anti-hepatitis?

? And? Anti-AIDS?.



Scheme of the teeth

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Scheme teeth
Scheme teeth

Brushing your teeth in dogs.

Many people can not imagine their life without the beloved and faithful four-legged
friends, so they consider them full members of the family. All survive,
if their favorite sick or feels bad, so try to take
all possible measures to their four-legged friend was gay and cheerful again.

One of the causes of the illness in dogs is dental disease.
Do pets deteriorating appetite, he often whines. The owners are beginning to worry about
led the dog to the vet appointment. But this can be avoided by conducting preventive
measures, namely cleaning teeth. Cleaning the tooth cavity in dogs can
prevent the formation of tartar, and also warns the
inflammation and bleeding gums. Bad teeth is the reason


To accustom your dog to brush your teeth need at an early age, when the
her teeth. They fall out after a while, but the four-legged friend is already accustomed
to this procedure as a grooming. First, you need to teach him to open
mouth on command: "Show your teeth!". Then every day must look
mouth. Necessary actions in this complex will be wound on
finger bandage soaked in broth. Only then can you clean the front
fangs. But do not forget after each procedure to encourage your pet. Later
some time you can begin deeper brush your teeth, do the movement gently
not to cause negative emotions in dogs and constantly praises her. Subsequently, the
You can teach your dog to brush your teeth

coated with a toothpaste without taste and smell
or a specially prepared mixture of school chalk with lemon juice and soda.
After cleaning procedures have to wipe your teeth with a soft cloth or cotton-gauze
swab. If the financial situation of the family can then purchase a
toothpaste for dogs with the scent of meat, as well as artificial bone, intended
for cleaning. Accustomed to a paste should gradually. First, give a little lick
amount of toothpaste with your finger, and then spread it on his toothpaste and
carefully put on the tooth surface. In their actions should be guided by <> that the process of habituation should not cause negative emotions in a dog.
Daily inspect a tooth cavity should also be pet and for

in time to see and eliminate inflammation in the mouth. If the
between your teeth stuck pieces of bone, splinters from sticks, which she chewed, then
need to carefully remove them without damaging your gums. Thus, you prevent the
occurrence of the inflammatory process and possible injury to the mucous
To strengthen the teeth to be entered into the diet of the dog fresh tomato juice or

tomatoes at least 1-2 times a week. Fresh brain bone similarly
would help to improve oral health.
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Why grind your teeth at night

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Watch: We beat our

Why is gritting his teeth at night

One of the most wonderful jewels of our face smile. With it so easy to convey the mood of joyous and positive emotions. And man, left and right dealer snow-white smile, it becomes very attractive.

Not all gifted with perfect teeth. Ecological conditions and genetic factors affecting the health of the organism as a whole and on the dental health in particular, sometimes become the reason that we shy smile. The problem is compounded over the years, when people for whatever reasons, begins to lose his teeth.

September 29, 2010

First tooth fell out

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Watch: A tooth fell out, while the soundtrack plays

Fell first tooth
Fell first tooth

Recommended care for veneers.

How long you will last a liner installed, largely depends on how you take care of the oral cavity. Depreciation of modern materials for veneers (ceramic, porcelain) is almost the same as that of natural teeth. So, to those records you pleasure for many years, you must follow some simple guidelines dentist:

teeth, for which they are installed, as usual, to practice daily brushing conventional brushing. Respect for the elementary rules of hygiene, minimizes the accumulation of plaque and the risk of dental caries. While the veneers are not susceptible to decay, it can appear on the inner side of the tooth, which they are not protected.

Despite the fact that the material of construction for the liner – is strong enough, do not recommend excessive physical pressure on them. This can lead to damage or displacement.

With the right care for your teeth, these white plates, will serve you for many years and will not cause any inconvenience.

Prosthesis with disabilities

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Watch: right facing teeth

Dentures disabled
Dentures disabled

How to get white teeth, as tooth pastes, powders, gels, rinses, brushes, sprays and other <> > on sale – a lot, eh? "Hollywood smile? – In short supply. Maybe we can not all use it? Or toothpaste? Wrong? choose?

How to get white teeth? Daily Recommendations

Healthy white teeth – is not only a beautiful smile, but

all internal organs. On how thoroughly chewed food, depends on the work of the stomach, the intestines and entire digestive tract. Ie problem in the stomach can be removed if treated teeth. They can cause heart disease, joints, sinuses (eg, sinusitis).

That's teeth and bite affect the diction of speech rights. Note: those who have large interdental gap often? Lisp? or "whistling? letters. And what to say about the smell from the mouth! Sometimes uncomfortable to stand in this conversation.

The reasons for halitosis are many, but most of them – still wrong

dental care. In addition, people often use their teeth do not? On purpose?: Nadkusyvayut threads, open bottle, clean sunflower seeds, pumpkin … Few people understand that the

This leads to the micro teeth, cracked tooth enamel, which can easily penetrate through infection and eventually collapses and mertveet dental nerve, teeth lose their whiteness

How to make your teeth white? Caries

The main enemy of white teeth is dental caries, although everyone knows that the teeth should be cleaned after eating the food, but not everyone does it. Somebody hopes gum or believes that the

teeth should be cleaned before, when just woke up and went to the bathroom …

Dangerous? Raid? pathogens is formed on the teeth after eating and you want to get rid of it using a brush with the paste or at least rinse. If by hand hygiene products do not – eat an apple or a carrot, which will help in the fight against microbes. Brush your teeth? Sweep? movements: top – top down (from the gum to the edge of the tooth), lower – on the contrary, upward. Correct cleaning should last no less than three minutes. Need to perform this procedure in the morning, after meals and at night before bedtime.

Bleach, strengthen or disinfected?

Everyone wants to have beautiful white teeth, but use constantly means that

bleach the tooth enamel, it is impossible. They are aggressive for the

tooth enamel, and they must be used cautiously. Should consult with your dentist individually, some toothpaste or brush his pick. Say,

toothbrush? Colgate Massager? treat bleeding and inflammation of the gums and stimulates circulation, helps cleanse the teeth

In the spring of this is particularly relevant because the problems are aggravated periodontal tissues in the offseason and make themselves known when changing weather aching pain.

. There are special toothpastes, which strengthens the gums and helps in the treatment of periodontitis

For example, "Lakalyut asset? or "Colgate Total 12?, which is due to triclosan provides 12-hour anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory protection. In the broad spectrum of the windows are

. conditioners, various gels and sprays for the mouth

Do not forget to


preserve the whiteness of teeth, sit in the chair, the dentist must at least once every six months for a routine inspection of the mouth and early detection of various problems.

_Nikakaya Gum can not fully replace the toothbrush. It clears only the surface of the teeth and interrupts halitosis. A dangerous interdental spaces remain dirty. Since caries? Prolazit? under the gums and root of the spoils, that is, destroys the tooth from within. Therefore, make friends with a brush!

Brush your teeth should be an individual! If you have had SARS or influenza – change your toothbrush after an illness with a new one to avoid reinfection. Especially ruthlessly dispose of brush, if you suffered tonsillitis (inflamed tonsils), pharyngitis (inflammation of the pharynx), gingivitis (the initial inflammation of the gums) _.

The brush should be kept in a dry area that is well ventilated. Vessel in which it is stored, do not forget to regularly wash. To

to save or make the teeth white, do not use a brush for more than three months.

Common thread is not worth using if you suffer from gum disease (periodontal disease, periodontal disease in the acute period). The thread may be very sore to put pressure on the surface, leaving a gash in it, and even cause bleeding from the gums.

Is it possible to treat teeth pregnant

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Nichya – Mozhno Lyubit (DRAW – You can love) (ver. 2 – …

Russian groupe NICHYA / DRAW
From their album Forever Navsegda? (FOREVER)
BMG Russia 2004
Mozhno Lyubit ver.2 mozhno2 – Rock Mix
(You Can Love)

What is a "tooth
of wisdom" and how to "fight"

yrazhenie "wisdom teeth" of course
can not be called "academic", as well as other
names like "eye tooth." Under the "tooth
of wisdom "is meant third molars on the upper and lower jaw, or 8 th teeth if
take away from the center. With the last name in <> is connected me a funny story: < <>> My one good friend (from mathematical-programistskim bias) brought

its familiar to me to be treated. The work has been
quite extensive, everything had to be done as
soon as possible . After the hour and a half of work, I
output the contented patient and say these words & qu?t; Lesh … you, please take her home and let
night she called me (I worry) I
uninstalled it three-eighths of a tooth .. "I see in her eyes
my friend's range of feelings and start it
understand. He took my words as a fractional <>> number. <>> 1. That is, if I removed the 3 / 8 of a tooth, then the shit I left
5 / 8.
2. This is how you must be a master, so that
teeth removed

3. And then I was there half an hour tinkering?
So be careful in terms that they do not

is always clear:)
What is the reason the name – "wisdom teeth" ? I

I think, with their delayed eruption, usually

16 years earlier. I had a case where it began
to erupt in 84 – year old grandfather at semnym

graft (Here truly the "wisdom":))
Watch: U.S. against the DNA-whether it is possible to do ultrasound Pregnant?
So why so much talk about these

The main disadvantage

is teething trouble, often
they generally are cut away from the main

dentition, sometimes they run into a nearby 7

account the tooth and do not may erupt. Desna
around the tooth swells and begins to travmirovytsya
opposite teeth. By gum, covering
neprorezyvavshiysya tooth, called the "hood", begins to collect pus. If the
it comes to the lower teeth, developing
inflammation of the affected muscles that
shut your mouth, and develops an inflammatory
"lockjaw." TE a person can not open wide
mouth, inflamed muscles can not stretch
(because hurts). There may be pain in the
swallowing and fever. In this case,
need to act as quickly as possible, the longer the
go, the more likely to work with
mouth is closed (ie in a state of lockjaw). Often a doctor
just makes anesthesia and excised portion gums
above the bad tooth teething, later
Antibiotics and …. Anything can happen again
again: (and maybe not. Everything will depend on the
location of the tooth, and where he "cut".
Another method to treat shortness
eruption, is to remove the
reasons, ie, the 8 th of the tooth. This surgical
manipulation is often very difficult for the

surgeon (not for you !!!!). Difficulties usually < >> are associated with anomalous arrangement of the tooth,
the presence of the set of roots, and
inability to widely open the mouth (with late
when the patient). Removing could last
quite a long time, but proper anesthesia
This is quite normal tolerated. In
times "historical materialism" and
"free medicine such patients
trying to" shove "the institute where the tooth
quite successfully removed. In the past, during my
duty in the MMSI, out of 30 coming to <> on duty patients, 8 were men with "tooth
wisdom." Also, many of them fell in the
student reception, perhaps half of all
Deleted in the years of my residency were exactly
Eight. <>> It should be noted that the relief after the removal <>> the 8 th tooth does not come immediately after removal.
trismus may persist up to a week. But
problem is solved on the rest of my life:)
2. Caries, pulpitis, periodontitis
process subject to all the teeth, but teeth 8
poazhayutsya often. They have no self-cleaning, but

and cleaned them myself, "user" lazy:).
And in vain! Given the complexity of their root system and
embarrassing their "abundance" of their perspective
treatment is very vague. Often pass them

twisted roots simply can not !!!!. Therefore,

– they should be treated in time, but if laziness, and a tooth
is located outside the dentition – just delete.
Regret for a remote that is outside the dental
number of tooth may be left – as a support for the Orthopedic design, they are usually
untenable …
If you feel that the
Do you have pain swallowing, and mouth will not open and it is
connected with the 8 th tooth, do not expect miracles, go faster
to <>

September 28, 2010

Pain under the teeth

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Dental horrors of the past (second version)

Description <>:The dramatic story of plumbing methods of Soviet dentistry

wrote: < <>> Cool. Huh? it is so here and there. Sasha2791982


today tore a wisdom tooth, at an ordinary free Doctor Hospital (decided to try out an insurance policy) injected anesthesia, tore out a tooth for 5 seconds, did not feel anything. so do not be pissing when the bit where the trays. True now othodnyak frost begins, but is it? as the thread will survive.



chushshshsh? MrMadmaxxx80




Recent photos of smiling? all Tipo dentures))) spiro121084


Cool:) neighing of the soul? NarkoDeatH


Yes, it's all garbage, not that it was painful. Most simply afraid to go because that's such nonsense to hear a lot and have yet to chair bad stanovilos.God ago was at the dentist the last time, while waiting for their turn out there? one guy a tooth drilled, so he yelled like a pig when I was cutting and 3-th ushli.Suka already stood up and was disgusted, he could not tolerate! Zzxxcvbgfhyu


m not tick today? all the gum and tore back molar tooth, but before that injected the second dose Analgesic-ever more than a half-hour operation of that does not pochuvstovat essno private clinic .. 2026Alex1


aftar dabaEBBBB!! Bor typewriter he vachko? Sannysaxy


So? nonsense! Unicornladi


I somehow got to the clinic, in the most ordinary,? district. child in his chair yelling that he was hurt. Doctor: Keep mum, he was not hurt he play the fool …. Chairday


Uzhos. Recall scary. People do not go to the Soviet stomatalogii which unfortunately in our former alliance yet? very much. Antisystem1488Vanity


ah, oh? Fu … Scukk0


мляяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяяя yayayayayaya

sheet, I'm from? sound forest machines korezhilo = \ \ptyrr


Thanks for the assessment of … Horrified: Really? So even happen?



So it was? unfortunately. And even now is. Pain under tooth

A white smile will serve as an additional ornament to any girl. To preserve the beauty and health of teeth, for advice on the bleach to contact the professionals. However, this requires time, money and desire. Therefore, many prefer to use the popular ways to whiten teeth, or buy a cheap tool for home bleaching.

Many did not think much about that tooth whitening folk remedies are not entirely safe. That after the teeth whitening at home to keep them healthy, you need to know some details, as well as caution.

Dentists say that when people's teeth whitening is impossible to achieve absolute whiteness. However, when properly used folk remedies not only improve the appearance of your teeth, but also prevent some diseases of the mouth? stomatitis, periodontal disease, caries, etc.

Any way home whitening teeth enamel is thinner, which increases the sensitivity of teeth to hot or cold foods, increases the risk of tooth decay. Before teeth whitening home remedies to strengthen tooth enamel.

Strengthening Enamel promote natural dairy products – cow or goat milk, milk products, cheese, and fresh fruits and vegetables. They are rich in natural calcium, which makes your teeth stronger.

With insufficient consumption of dairy products (if you're on a diet), use calcium supplementation in pill form, are available at any pharmacy.

An excellent tool for improving people's dental health is tea tree oil. Add a few drops of oil into a glass of warm water and rinse your mouth daily at bedtime. Tea tree oil reduces inflammation of the gums, prevents tooth decay and gum disease, fights bacteria.

Subject to the above tips in a month is sufficient to start whitening your teeth at home.

Baking soda. Mix a little baking soda with toothpaste and brush your teeth for 2-3 minutes. Procedure can be repeated no more than 1 time per week. Teeth become whiter by the fact that soda polishes your teeth, and with a dark patina you scrape pieces of tooth enamel. It is important not to overdo it, otherwise the enamel over time may become thinner. In addition, soda by careless handling can damage the gums.

Teeth whitening with hydrogen peroxide. Peroxide can rinse your mouth, or gently wipe the teeth with a cotton swab. Many whitening gels are made on the basis of hydrogen peroxide. With daily use peroxide you can get a dazzling white teeth in two weeks. But do not forget that with prolonged use of peroxide tooth enamel becomes thinner and you can ruin your teeth.

Watch: Knocked zuby.wmv

Wood ash. Ash? it is not only a good absorbent, but also an excellent remedy for teeth whitening. Acting in its substance? potassium hydroxide. Spread the ashes on the toothbrush and brush your teeth. However, this tool can not be abused. With frequent use can damage the enamel and gums hurt.

Activated carbon. This means the composition and mode of action is similar to wood ash. Mash a tablet and gently brush your teeth.

And strawberry. Strawberries are amazing properties of tooth whitening. They contain natural bleaching agents. Mash ripe berries and spread this tasty mixture on the teeth. After the treatment, rinse your mouth with water.

Lemon. Lemon juice has long been used as a clarifier for natural nails, hair and teeth. Apply the juice on the teeth for several minutes. Then rinse your mouth with warm water.

Do not forget after teeth whitening rinse your mouth with warm water. To permanently store the result of bleaching try not to drink carbonated drinks, strong tea and coffee (or at least drink them through a straw to the ink liquid did not touch the teeth). And also have to quit.

The teeth whitening home remedies process may take up to several weeks. How quickly you can whiten your teeth depending on their condition. If your teeth are darkened as a result of the frequent use of coffee or tea, you can bleach them for two weeks. If you are a smoker vicious, you can not achieve the desired results even after 3 months of regular use of cheap bleaches.

If you decide to visit the dentist, you can make a home tooth whitening procedure more comfortable. The doctor will produce print on your teeth a special matrix (CVR), which you will be able to pour bleach and wear on the teeth. In addition, the dentist will help you choose a suitable whitening gel.

Be able to predict the rate of whitening your doctor will also recommend it while wearing a mouthguard.

When using kappa for bleaching teeth to make sure that the vehicle was evenly distributed, otherwise, after whitening your teeth can become mottled.

To date, there are several effective methods of professional tooth whitening, allowing Dost

Safe teeth whitening

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Safe teeth whitening

There are several causes of discoloration of teeth.

One of them – it's a gradual build-up in the dentinal tubules and pulp cavity pigmented dentin. Over time, tooth enamel layer becomes thinner, and its color changed to yellowish or greyish-brown.

In addition, the enamel of the teeth are constantly affected by the available food and drinks pigments. A large number of pigments contained in tea, coffee, red wine grapes. Material adverse effect on the color of teeth also has tobacco.

Dyes accumulate in the microscopic cracks and irregularities of the enamel, causing it darkening over time. This process is faster in case of violation the rules of dental care, as well as the presence of dental fillings.

There are several ways to return the teeth white. For example, you can spend outside bleaching. Special composition, comprising typically hydrogen peroxide, urea or perborate, is applied to the teeth and comes with colored pigments in the chemical reaction of oxidation. Thus, the whitening effect is achieved. Currently, there are special drugs that can be used even at home. However, it should be understood that by turning to specialists, you will get much better results. In dental clinics used more concentrated formulations, and the resulting effect is usually fixed xenon light. In addition, teeth whitening in the clinic, you can not be afraid of burns of the mucous membrane, or increase the sensitivity of the teeth after the treatment.

If you wish to spend one-stage bleaching of several groups of teeth – it's quite simple and rather short procedure. With extreme caution depulpirovannye bleached teeth – always alone, starting from the inside pulp.

Common bleaching procedure is safe and highly effective. Smartly combining professional whitening (ZOOM Pro) and home bleaching (Bleach `n Smіle Home), you can achieve great and lasting results.

September 27, 2010

Tooth feels

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Warsaw Melody (fragment). Mpg

Description <>:Studio Theatre mixt-URA Presents:
Warsaw Melody "
Zorin < >> One-act play about … and again about love!
"In Moscow, in forty-six in December was soft and fluffy. The air was fresh, crispy on the teeth. In the evenings, the streets were noisy, people must not sit at home … "
He and she. Where and how to meet two men in that distant post-war period "? What was the love?
This story is called "Warsaw Melody" not only because our heroine – a Polish girl, but also because true love – is the most exciting in the world of music. And everyone in it always hears something different, something nobody else ever could not hear.
For all the romantics and the students of today and yesterday.
The Festival of Spring in Siberia in 2010 this production has been called "an extremely concise and rigorous, but incredibly sensual", receiving a prize.
Hope – the same feeling arises and you!

President Vladimir Zyankin
Helena Aksenov Evgeny
Movie – Filinkova Galina
performs the song Helena Belyuga Eugene

A tooth feels
One of the most wonderful jewels of our face smile. With it so easy to convey the mood of joyous and positive emotions. And man, left and right dealer snow-white smile, it becomes very attractive.

Not all gifted with perfect teeth. Ecological conditions and genetic factors affecting the health of the organism as a whole and on the dental health in particular, sometimes become the reason that we shy smile. The problem is compounded over the years, when people for whatever reasons, begins to lose his teeth.

Forum prosthetics

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Dentures on implants in the dental clinic "Lux" Abakan

Description <>:Dentures on implants in the dental clinic "Lux" Abakan
Forum prosthetics
Forum prosthetics
Dream Interpretation Teeth, what dreams teeth in a dream

idiomatic Dream Interpretation Teeth? Tired as toothache? – Intolerance of man. ? Give your teeth? "," Show your teeth? or "to cling to, to cut the throat anyone? – An aggressive attack, and hostility. ? Navyaznut in the teeth? – Bored. ? Any tooth foot? – Complete lack of preparedness, lack of knowledge. ? Keep his mouth shut? – To hide, to keep silent. ? Palaver? – Specify that, to deceive. ? Put teeth on the shelf? – Trouble, destruction;? White, clean teeth? – A sign of health? Give a tooth? (Oath). ? Have on someone tooth? – A sense of revenge. ? Gnash their teeth? – Envy, hatred. ? Bite the bullet? – Patience and suffering. ? Toothy? – Grasping, clingy, corrosive evil willed person who does not miss her. ? Pull, pull a bad tooth? – Relief.

Women's Dream Book What a dream teeth usually dream where you see your teeth, foretells illness and clashes with the ill-wishers. Losing teeth in his sleep – to the terrible hardships, is vulnerable your pride and ruin your work. If you dream that your teeth knocked out, P-means that you should pay careful attention to his business. If you see that your teeth are destroyed or broken, P-your work or health will suffer from excessive load. Spit out his teeth in his sleep – a disease that threatens you or your family. If you dream the doctor pulled you tooth – the possibility of severe, prolonged illness. To dream of a toothless someone else – a certificate of impotence your enemies who want to discredit you. If you dream that your teeth are healthy and white, P-then your illness will soon pass. Brush your teeth in a dream – a severe and protracted struggle for happiness. Artificial teeth in the mouth portend severe tests. Irregular teeth with some flaws – a very bad sign, premonitory many misfortunes. That poverty, and the collapse of personal plans and hopes, and disease, and nervous exhaustion, even in healthy people until now.

Russian Folk Dream Teeth Symbolize the health and vitality, but also aggression. If you dream about someone bite, you'll want to take revenge on the man behind those troubles that he caused you. To see that you grow a tooth, means an increase in your ability to cope with life situations. Rotten teeth, to the disease. Tooth loss, unfulfilled hopes for a better life.

Snotolkovatel. Interpretation of Dreams

teeth soonike mean relatives and best friends. Front mean children or relatives in the near knee upper mean men and women lower; eye tooth on the right side marks the father and mother on the left, big teeth root mean immediate family members or good friends, to see in their teeth are beautiful, firmer and whiter than the ordinary means joy, health, prosperity, friendship and good news from home, see his teeth in his rough, some longer than other means of nepotism strife and litigation over the estate, brushing your teeth means to give money to their relatives, to see in their growing new tooth means the multiplication of the family through birth Baby, have tooth decay or otherwise poporchennoy means the death of any of the relatives or friends, to dream that your teeth are shaking, portends illness or grief from relatives or friends.

Italian Dream Interpretation Teeth image of an active or passive aggression, attack and defense. Indicates the validity and reliability of protective systems, as well as to the validity and reliability of friends and relatives. Loss 2 – 3 teeth means a loss of vitality or loss of positivity. Removing teeth symbolizes death: as a drop-down tooth leaves a hole inside, and a dying man leaves a gap in the family. Such an image can symbolize a desire or fear of death. If seems that another person has lost a tooth, it indicates a desire or an unconscious fear of death of this man. The image of the sealed teeth means the fear that someone might run into an unpleasant situation, sometimes it is a symbol of the desire to become a parent. In the latter case, sealed his hair like a woman's uterus, brimming with content.

Dream Tsvetkov. Interpretation of Dreams

teeth clean and white – good luck, health, rotten – quarrel; cleaned or buy a paste – a welcome guest; pull – rupture of relations with annoying special, artificial – false love; bad – a disease; loss, especially blood – death of a relative; broken – failure, insert – profit; fall without blood, whole – alienation from loved ones.

Ukrainian dream book. Interpretation of Dreams

Teeth Teeth – loss. Teeth – talk, talk, gossip. Sore teeth – a weakness. Dropped out) teeth and bleed – the death of the mother, blood. Tooth fall out – the dead of the family. Lost all his teeth into his hand and turned black, the one who dreams die. And if you dream of one tooth, you die someone familiar. Teeth are made of wax – to die. How to dream that ripped the corner tooth, there will be more dead, and if the dream that tore the front of the tooth, there will be a little dead. How to dream that your teeth are sick, and sleep in the morning – it is someone will nail will be the guest. How to dream that your teeth are sick, and sleep at night – it's someone else's dead. Hollow tooth will fall out – the old man dies. Tooth fall out without pain and blood – someone will die is not very

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